Common hair care mistakes every woman makes
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Common hair care mistakes every woman makes

Hair is considered to be one of the best assets women possess as they can literally change any look. Every woman wants strong, healthy, and lustrous hair and goes to various lengths to ensure that their hair is well maintained and taken care of. However, many times, women end up causing more damage to their hair due to some common mistakes they make.

Hair care mistakes to avoid

Let’s look at some of the common mistakes women make when it comes to their hair:

  1. Combing your hair when it is wet

Mostly all of us tend to de-tangle our hair once we come out of the shower. It is a bad idea to comb your hair when it is wet as the hair is more prone to damage and breakage when it is wet. Instead of combing your wet hair, it is a good idea to de-tangle your hair before you wash it using a wide tooth comb. This will result in less breakage and you won’t have to use a comb on your wet hair, thereby reducing hair damage.

  1. Washing your hair everyday

Some people have a habit of washing their hair every day. This is very harmful as excessive washing can soak up all the natural oil from the scalp and leave your hair dry and brittle. This will result in more breakage of hair. Ideally, we should wash our hair twice or thrice a week. Washing our hair more frequently will weaken the follicles on the scalp and increase hair fall.

  1. Towel drying your hair

Even though using a towel to dry your hair is considered to be a better option than using a hairdryer, it can still be harmful if not done in the right way. Vigorously rubbing your wet hair with a towel will weaken the hair follicles and cause more hair to fall. It will also make your hair frizzy. If you don’t have the option of letting your hair dry naturally, gently pat the towel over your hair without applying too much force.

  1. Use of plastic brushes

As harmful as plastic can be for our environment, it is not good for our hair as well. When you are using a plastic brush to comb your hair, the plastic creates friction and due to the static, the hair gets damaged. The hair starts to appear rough and dry, and many hairs fall out when you use your brush. Instead of plastic, invest in a good quality wooden brush.

  1. Changing shampoos frequently

You should choose your shampoo carefully according to your hair type and texture. As there are many brands and options available in the market, getting the right shampoo can get confusing and difficult. However, we should refrain from trying too many options. Stick to a safe option and use the shampoo which your hair is acclimatized to. Trying different shampoos may cause a flare-up of chemicals and may cause damage to the hair.

  1. Backcombing your hair

Backcombing the hair gives the hair texture and volume. It is also helpful when you are trying out different hairstyles. But backcombing your hair too much will cause tears in your hair and your hair may get tangled up. This will affect the quality and strength of your hair. So make sure that you don’t backcomb your hair unless absolutely necessary.

  1. Excessive styling of hair

Using too many hair styling products will eventually lessen the strength and quality of hair. Heat appliances like a blow dryer, hair straightener, and curling iron should be used only when necessary. Styling tools like hair gels and hair sprays contain many chemicals which will damage the hair in the long run. So you should avoid styling your hair as much as you can. Keeping your hair natural and styling it without any products will retain the quality of hair.

  1. Splitting the split ends

Split ends is a very common problem for every woman. Whenever we see a split end, our first instinct is to split it all the way so that we can get rid of the damaged part. This is not a good idea and nor will it prevent split ends. We should trim our hair regularly to get rid of split ends. The strands of hair weaken due to the environmental causes like water, humidity, and wind. Trimming our hair will help us maintain the quality of hair and prevent split ends.

  1. Not using conditioner

Some people believe that conditioning the hair is harmful as the conditioner contains too many chemicals. Conditioning should be done every time after you shampoo your hair. Shampoo cleanses the scalp and the hair, leaving the hair strands stripped off their natural oils and protection. Conditioner moisturizes the hair and nourishes it so that the hair doesn’t become too dry.

  1. Excessive combing of hair

It is true that combing your hair from the scalp to the tip of your hair will boost hair growth, produce natural oil in the scalp, as well as increase the blood circulation to the head. But brushing your hair too much will only result in damaging the hair quality. Excessive brushing will cause the hair follicles to break and will increase hair fall. It will also dull the shine of the hair. Thus, it is advisable to comb your hair only once or twice a day.

  1. Washing your hair with hot water

Washing your hair in a hot shower seems relaxing and satisfying. However, hot water does more harm than good. As we know, heat has an adverse effect on our hair. When we use hot water, our hair is stripped off its moisture which makes it vulnerable to breakage. The hair follicles become weak and may easily come apart if the water is too hot. Therefore, we should always wash our hair using lukewarm water.

  1. Chemical treatments

Many times we try to use products and treatments to improve our hair quality and growth. We apply serums, creams, different kinds of oils, and undertake professional treatments which promise healthier and stronger hair. When going for any of this, we should first research a bit and ensure that the chemicals used in the treatment will not be harmful to our hair. Anything in excess is harmful, so we should not go for too many treatments.

Keep in mind the above mistakes and discard them from your hair care routine to improve your hair and lessen the damage.

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