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The Health Benefits of Wearing Jewelry

Wearing, silver, gold, sea turtle bracelet, or recycled materials can have many benefits for your health. According to one study, jewelry makers reported receiving compliments on their work, feeling relaxed, and enjoying a sense of accomplishment.  In this article, you will find a list of health benefits that are associated with several popular metals. Health benefits of wearing silver jewelry Many people do …

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How Much Is the Hope Diamond Worth

Diamonds are one of the richest representations of the value and wealth of a person. It is designed with the natural processes, and they often appear as the symbol of the wealthiest people, especially when it comes to royalty.  One of the most recognizable diamonds in the world is the Hope Diamond, which has an estimated worth of billion dollars. In …

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Types of Pendants for the Modern Day Woman

Whether you prefer the traditional style of neck jewellery or making fashion statements, every modern woman inspired vintage fashion they needs pendants that go with their different looks. Pendants are alluring and sparkling accessories that can be used to make bold fashion statements. Pendants are large hanging pieces that are attached to necklaces or chains. They come in various sizes, …

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