How to Have a Stunning Diamond Engagement Ring Designed and Made for an Affordable Price

Engagements and weddings are costly affairs, of that there is no doubt, and it can be a challenge to budget, as you don’t want to skimp on anything. Of course, this most certainly applies to the engagement ring and in this article, we show you how to have the best quality diamond engagement ring chicago for a price you can afford.

Lab-grown diamonds

Also known as synthetic diamonds, they are made in a laboratory by replicating the extreme heat and pressure that natural diamonds undergo. The term ’fake’ is not correct, as lab-grown diamonds are made in the same way as natural stones; specific conditions are created in a lab and it only takes a couple of months to do what nature needs millions of years to do.

Official diamond grading

Lab-grown diamonds are certified just as naturally mined stones are; GIA are the world’s recognised diamond grading experts that use the 4Cs, namely Colour, Clarity, Cut & Carat. The good news is, synthetic diamonds are cheaper, so you can acquire a stunning central diamond for an affordable price; there is nothing inferior about lab-grown diamonds, whether the CVD or HPHT method, these diamonds have inclusions and flaws much like naturally found diamonds. 

Customised diamond engagement rings

Once you have decided on a budget, rather than looking at rings in a jewellery store, approach a leading Australian jewellery maker and see what he can do for your budget. You will be pleasantly surprised at the great value and who doesn’t want to design their own engagement ring? You might prefer a stunning solitaire diamond, or an Art Deco style diamond engagement ring designed and made by a skilled jewellery maker. Click here for stylish coloured engagement ring designs.

Design every aspect of the ring

A diamond engagement ring is comprised of the following components:

  • Metal band – You can choose from platinum, white, yellow and rose gold, palladium, tungsten or even titanium. Platinum is the ideal choice as it is very durable and not liable to tarnish. It is possible to blend different metals into a band and this is a popular choice, mixing white and yellow gold for a stunning band.
  • Gemstones – Diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires can all be sourced in raw format, then cut and polished and inserted into a statement engagement ring. By acquiring synthetic diamonds, you can keep the cost of the ring to acceptable levels. All gemstones should come with grading certification (including lab-grown diamonds) and if they don’t this should raise alarm bells.
  • Setting – There are many settings to ensure that gemstones are secure and a custom jeweller can advise you regarding the best setting. Intricate metalwork gives the ring a style and elegance that makes it very noticeable. 

Using synthetic diamonds is definitely one way to reduce the cost of the ring and if you consult with a Sydney-based custom jeweller, you will find the best value for money.


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