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Planning an engagement proposal can be a tedious task when trying to choose the appropriate diamond to match your partner’s individual style. It can be unnerving to personalize or customize diamond jewelry to create the perfect engagement ring.

That’s where Friendly Diamonds, an online eco-friendly jewelry store, becomes the best option! With several uniquely gorgeous lab diamond engagement ring settings, this New York-based brand is part of a sustainable and affordable lab diamond jewelry industry. 

Choose from the latest trending styles.

An engagement ring should last a lifetime, whether you shop with your future husband or plan to make the decision by yourself. You should create a ring you like as your ring is that one piece of jewelry that you shall be wearing even after the wedding or engagement ceremony.  

Lab or natural, pear shape or brilliant round, as well as classic and vintage style diamonds; the options are numerous when it comes to getting jewelry and finding a sparkle crafted just for you.  

Therefore, one should follow their heart when designing engagement rings and wedding jewelry. At the same time, staying up to date about popular patterns and styles is also an excellent move. 

Look for the right inspiration for your engagement rings online.

Finding that special design online could need some inventiveness. We advise making sure you understand your goals clearly. Consider using social media to browse, such as Pinterest or Instagram, running style searches, comparing prices, and contacting a professional. 

To see it in action, you may even watch a video of a diamond engagement ring similar to the one you want. Once you have a design in mind for your ring, you may focus on that particular model.

How to get affordable diamonds that suit your budget

Everyone wants to purchase the most exquisite diamond ring for their better half but buying a diamond engagement ring is fairly challenging, especially if you’re shopping for diamonds for the first time.

When additional elements that impact the budget for solitaire rings are present, purchasing solitaire rings can become rather difficult. Therefore, it is crucial to have thorough knowledge about diamonds to make accurate decisions that will help you keep the price of your diamond ring budget-friendly and manageable. That’s where Friendly Diamonds come into play, with cost-effective and sustainable lab-grown diamonds.  

Friendly Diamonds offer state-of-the-art lab-grown diamonds that sparkle just like mined diamonds but without the negative environmental impacts that come with diamond mining. The diamonds are also priced well, almost 40 to 70 percent cheaper than other brands, as Friendly Diamonds believe that your budget should never be a constraint when it comes to owning the diamond engagement ring of your dreams.

Research about your jeweler

Getting a diamond engagement ring from a jeweler you can trust would be best since it is a massive investment. Your jeweler should be knowledgeable, approachable, and capable of explaining how to purchase a diamond in simple terminology.

An informed jeweler should serve as your diamond-buying consultant and show you the variations between gems that initially appear comparable while also explaining the diamond 4Cs. They should be able to advise you to compare diamonds that are within your price range. (girlsinyogapants.com)

Friendly Diamonds offers a free virtual meet with their diamond and engagement ring specialist to take you through the intricacies of creating the perfect engagement ring. Such a process is sure to put you at ease, as in this meeting, the specialists will guide you to make the best decision regarding your ring purchase while considering your style preferences and budget. 

Select the right metal for your gemstone.

Most engagement rings come in gold, a traditional choice, but depending on the wearer, it might not be the greatest choice. Some prefer platinum to enhance their appearance and bring out a particular diamond brilliance. Even when buying an engagement ring online, it’s still crucial to understand which metals complement your skin tone the best.

Typically, cool skin tones complement white gold or silver the best. Warmer skin colors appear stunning with rose or yellow gold. Some prefer the shiny white luster of platinum or white gold. Therefore, online brands like Friendly Diamonds allow you to pick the metal color of your choice, along with an option to create your own ring with your favorite lab-diamond shape.

Create Your Own Ring

The ideal engagement ring is the ring you create yourself. It is best to have your ring created according to your preference and style to have one that is an extension of your or your partner’s personality. 

At Friendly Diamonds, you can create your ring using a simple three-step process by selecting your ring setting and lab diamond and then completing your ring with an engraving if desired. 


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