3 tricks to outsmart the addiction of smokingLifestyle, Tobacco and Vaping

3 tricks to outsmart the addiction of smoking

Today’s fast life brings with it the inevitable threats of stress, tension, indecision and most commonly depression. The rapid decision making and continuous hard efforts to get the best out of us lead the foundation to endless planning and materializing, which in turn leads either to success or to failure. It is in the second case, that the individuals lose …

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How does Vaping Improve Your Lifestyle?Tobacco and Vaping

How does Vaping Improve Your Lifestyle?

Vaping has been booming in popularity, especially for the past five years, where most individuals have been using it as an effective way of quitting the traditional cigarettes, therefore, comes after the ban on smoking in some states which cleared a pathway for these modern, electronic cigarettes. The e-cigs have established themselves on the market and most people especially the …

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