3 tricks to outsmart the addiction of smoking
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3 tricks to outsmart the addiction of smoking

Today’s fast life brings with it the inevitable threats of stress, tension, indecision and most commonly depression. The rapid decision making and continuous hard efforts to get the best out of us lead the foundation to endless planning and materializing, which in turn leads either to success or to failure. It is in the second case, that the individuals lose hope, despite all those good words from thinkers, they tend to incline towards whatever they think would bring in peace. As a result, the apparent comfort of addiction comes to use and the vicious circle continues.

The addicts commonly very little, or never, think of the harm caused by addiction as it for the time being gives them relaxation, what they think to be Nirvana. Several laws and penal codes have been formulated to abstain people from this gradual disaster, but the fruits are, unfortunately, not worth it.

Considering the fact, that all it takes is a little step towards good, however, 3 smart ways may be enlisted to help the cigarette-addicts switch to the better, or come out of the worst.

1)      Chewing nicotine gums

Major brands like the Nicorette has come forward with the option of nicotine gums. A smoker, who is not anyhow being able to quit smoking may resort to these as they promise to get them out of the deadly habit of smoking. You have to start taking two or more pellets at one time. Being widely used all over to as a popular Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT), these gums have found their places in the prescriptions of rehabilitation therapists. (Xanax) The pieces are available in individual foil packages and come in different flavors. Although not entirely devoid of side effects, these may aid to the smokers in the process of quitting cigarettes.

2)      Vaping

Vaping was born out of innovation or may be a necessity to help smokers quit smoking. To cater to the needs of the health conscious, yet fun-loving generation Y, Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes or in short, vape, has made its way in the jovial world of young adults, keeping in mind, their love for diversities. The vape is a battery operated chargeable trendy device which heats e-juices to release fumes. They have nicotine content of different levels as per the need of the user, and unlike traditional cigarettes which burn tobacco, e-cigarette burns by heating e–juices or e-liquid, hence the fumes they release are considered smokeless. With the vision of making the smokers switch to vaping, and to capture the future market of vaping, the 13th Floor e juice has come forth with their research-oriented collection, with the view to serve the demands of the modern vape freaks. The 13th Floor e juice has paved the way for an upcoming revolution in the growing world of vaping. By continued research and development, mixing and matching, they have brought forward an all-new range of unique blended flavors to take the vaping experience to a level of bewitching pleasure. The 13th Floor e juice makes sure every time that each flavor is uniquely crafted much to the delight of vape freaks so that no one can complain of monotony. A wide range of richer, smoother, intricate and distinctive flavors will never let anyone complain about dullness or tedium.

3)      Nicotine Patches

A transdermal process of transferring nicotine through the skin of addicts, who are striving to replace the harmful practice of smoking, a nicotine patch is being considered as the modern yet safer option of Nicotine Replacement Therapy worldwide. A survey found that 20% of the people opting to this process abstain from smoking for more than 1 year.

The mentioned tricks, though costly, may help you to knock out smoking and lead a healthier life.

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