How to Clean a Makeup SpongeBeauty, Lifestyle, Make-Up, Tips

How to Clean a Makeup Sponge Efficiently & Make It Look Super New!

Washing your Beauty blender or cosmetic pad on a regular basis will extend the life of the tool and assist you in avoiding acne. There are several methods for cleaning a makeup sponge. The two most common techniques are to use brush shampoo and immerse the item in boiling water with liquid soap. We put four alternative methods on how …

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Under Eye Cream With CaffeineBeauty, Make-Up, Skin Care

Under Eye Cream With Caffeine To Reduce Puffiness & Dark Circles!

Every skin care regimen should include an under eye cream, which should be applied every day. Even if there are no wrinkles or dark circles under your eyes, you still need an eye cream. You must continue to use eye cream even if your eyes don’t appear to be aging visibly. Since the skin surrounding your eyes is more fragile …

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long hair flapper hairstylesBeauty, Hair, Lifestyle, Make-Up

Long Hair Flapper Hairstyles To Design Your Hair In Most Stylish & Classic Manner!

There are many hairstyles that have been famous throughout the ages. These hairstyles have taken up a timeless classic role, and they are relevant through every age. However, in our history, some ages were known for their culture and fashion. And hair especially played a big part in a certain culture. The “flappers” were a big part of the jazz …

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benefits of ice bathBeauty, Health, Lifestyle, Make-Up, Skin Care

Benefits Of Ice Bath: Why Should You Try Out This Therapy

Have you ever tried Ice Bath? I know it’s quite uncommon for someone who’s not from athletic background or a fitness enthusiast. Generally, after a hectic training schedule, they jump off for an ice bath which is sometimes also known as Ice Immersion or even known as Cryotherapy sometimes. As it has a lot of benefits, and it helps get …

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emerald green bridesmaid dressesBride, Clothing, Dress, Fashion, Lifestyle, Make-Up, Tips, Wedding

Emerald Green Bridesmaid Dresses To Look Beautiful!

The color green has been on everybody’s mind now. Green is the most talked-about color of the season, and with that, comes different shades of green. From sage green to forest green and emerald green, netizens cannot get enough of this color. So why is there so much hype about green? Green symbolizes freshness, a new beginning, and rejuvenation. It …

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