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Eyebrow Makeup Tips for Beginners

Eyebrows are undoubtedly the most overlooked facial feature. Interestingly, well-done eyebrows frame the face and can make your eyes appear wider. Unfortunately, grooming your eyebrows can prove intimidating, especially if this is your first time.

However, you shouldn’t stress, as creating a perfect set of eyebrows is easy. A simple tip for grooming your brows is following the natural eyebrow shape and working with what’s available. Apart from microblading, which should only be done by a microblading expert, below are simple eyebrow makeup tips that can help beginners.

1. Know Your Eyebrow Shape

Knowing your eyebrow shape is the first step to grooming them. Fortunately, you don’t have to visit a professional eyebrow stylist to determine your eyebrow shape. You can do this from home. For this, place one end of the makeup brush at the inner side corner of the eye and the other outside your nostril. This is where your eyebrow begins. Mark this spot and repeat the same on the other eyebrow.

You should then find an ideal arch. You can do this by placing the brush in a way that lines with your pupil and marking the spot where the brush and brow overlap. Do the same for the other eye. Lastly, move the brush to the outer corner of the eye to mark the end of your brow shape. Connecting the marked dots outlines your brow shape.

2. Choose the Right Eyebrow Products

With beauty brands offering plenty of brow grooming options, choosing the best is stress-inducing for beginners. You should first think about your goals. For instance, do you want to fill in sparse spots or add definitions to your brows? If these are your goals, an angled brush and brow powder should be your priorities.

On the other hand, if you want to lightly shape and comb your brow air, choose lightweight brow gel. Similarly, those with sparse eyebrows can’t use the same products as those with thick brows or curly brow hairs. However, don’t be afraid to experiment with multiple products if you aren’t sure of your needs. Interestingly, there are no right or wrong eyebrow products. You just need to find what suits you.

3. Don’t Overpluck Your Brows

Having known your brow shape and chosen the right product, it is time to pluck brow hairs falling outside the body. You can skip this step if you have a feathered brow shape. To remove the hair entirely when plucking, find its root and pull in the direction of hair growth using tweezers.

You should look keenly to identify strays below and above the arches. You should also tweeze strays that are between your eyes. However, this shouldn’t be a routine as you can easily overpluck. While tweezers seamlessly help in getting rid of rogue hairs, they shouldn’t be your daily go-to option for shaping your eyebrows. Use your tweezers with caution.


Having perfectly shaped eyebrows is an undoubted makeup flex. Unfortunately, pulling off super-defined and sleek eyebrows like IG models can be intimidating. However, this is super doable, even for makeup amateurs. All you need is simple guidance from the tips above and the right eyebrow products.