What styles of eyelash extensions exist?

Beginners who are just joining the world of lash extensions often assume there is only one type of eyelash extension. In reality, eyelash extension styles can range from simple mink lashes to festive colorful eyelash extensions. But exactly what are the different styles of eyelash extensions? In this article, let’s explore different styles of eyelash extensions and how to choose the best style for your lashes. 

Natural Eyelash Extensions

Let’s begin with the most popular eyelash extension style. The Natural eyelash extension design follows the shape and contour of the natural lashes. This type of eyelash extension style accentuates the center of lash lines by having shorter lashes on the inner and outer corners. 

The Natural eyelash extension style is very suitable for all occasions. Whether you are having lunch with friends or going to a work meeting, Natural eyelash extensions can act as great accessories for the eyes. 

Cat Eye Eyelash Extensions

The Cat Eye eyelash extensions style is known for its characteristic angular shape and form. These lash sets can be created by having shorter extensions in the inner corners of the eyes and slowly adding longer extensions. 

 This eyelash extension style is quite versatile and can craft very minimal or dramatic lash sets. The more individual mink lashes attached at the outer corners – the more dramatic the Cat Eye eyelash extensions style appears. For high-quality mink lashes, visit the Stacy Lash lash supply store and invest in premium lash extensions. 

Doll Style Eyelash Extensions

If you love the doe-eye look, then the Doll Style lash extensions are for you. This type of eyelash extension style is about bringing innocence and elegance. The Doll Lash styles are designed by having the longest eyelash extensions attached in the center of the lash line, right above the iris. The inner corner and outer corners are coated with short or medium-sized extensions. 

The Doll Style lash extensions give the illusion of bigger and rounded eyes by having longer lash extensions set in the middle. This eyelash extension style is great for everyday wear or even for professional settings. 

Fox Eyelash Extensions

The Fox eyelash extension style has become incredibly trendy thanks to the world of fashion. This is a different style of eyelash extensions that is somewhat similar to the Cat Eye design. The Fox lashes have a signature angular wing on the outer corners. This eyelash extension style is crafted by having shorter mink lashes at the inner corners and the longest hairs at the outer corners. 

The Fox lashes elongate and lengthen the outer corners of the eyes, creating the ‘fox-like’ illusion. This style can add drama to any eye look and is a great design for special events. Browse through the Stacy Lash lash supply store to discover your new favorite set of mink eyelash extensions. 


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