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Jennifer Garner’s 3 Adorable Kids, Who Are They and Details About Their Lives

Jennifer Garner is an American actress and film producer. She has been in the industry for over 20 years and has starred in several films and TV series. Born on April 17th, 1972, Jennifer spent her childhood in Houston, Texas. Although she is a Southern Baptist, she turned into an atheist as time passed. Jennifer met her first husband, actor …

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reading is important essayChildren and Parenting, Lifestyle

Reading is important essay for children’s development

Diving into the world of books means diving into the world of imagination. Reading opens a wide range of opportunities to us that may have never been possible. Well, reading is important essay for kids as it helps in development. While reading is essential for academic growth, it does play an important role in personal development. It helps you interact and come …

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How to raise your child to be gender-neutral?Children and Parenting, Family, Lifestyle

How to raise your child to be gender-neutral?

Gender biases or gender neutrality is a lemon squeezing topic in today’s world. Everywhere we go, we subtly fall under the grasp of gender biasedness. Though because of educational advancement, we try to be gender-neutral yet subconsciously, we fail to be so. Why? The answer would be that this gender bias is woven with our personality while we were growing …

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Quick Tips for Finding the Ideal Baby PramChildren and Parenting

Quick Tips for Finding the Ideal Baby Pram

Choosing brand new baby products can be an amazing and exciting experience, this is especially true if you’re expecting your first baby. However, it’s not hard to feel overwhelmed and feeling like a beginner when you’re shopping for baby things. Don’t worry, it’s only natural to feel like this when you’re starting out but doing your research is key to …

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Clear and Unbiased Facts about Growth Hormone Therapy Side Effects in ChildrenChildren and Parenting, Family

Clear and Unbiased Facts about Growth Hormone Therapy Side Effects in Children

Growth hormone therapy has come a long way. Scientist began hormone therapy using crude extracts from humans about 40 years ago, but currently, doctors are using commercially manufactured recombinant growth hormone therapy (rhGH). Doctors have achieved a lot of success, particularly in the treatment of stunted children. Since the introduction of rhGH in the US back in 1985, doctors have …

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