Best Child Care tips for New Parents
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Best Child Care tips for New Parents

Childcare is a great task for every mother, especially for new moms. We often see new moms struggle to take care of their child. This is very common and almost every new mom goes through this. Do you know what is more important for your child? It’s not the external factors but the internal ones. Breastfeeding, 100% hygiene, love and care of the mother play a pivotal role in the growth of a child. The first touch of the mother is very soothing for every child.


When you are gifted with motherhood, it is a great achievement. Congratulations, you are about to experience one of the precious feelings in life. It is a wonderful feeling to bring a new life in this beautiful world. On the contrary to this, are you aware of how to nurture this new person? Here are some childcare tips for new moms.




Your child, right after birth needs food. This food is nothing else except mother’s milk. Breastfeeding is a tough task for most new moms. We often see mothers opt for processed milk products to feed the child. This is harmful to both the mother and the child. Nature and our environment have set some pattern of survival. Our life is dependent on them. Breastfeeding is one such survival pattern.


If you are unable to breastfeed your child then you can seek help. There are e-commerce websites who sell quality products for child care. It can be a breastfeeding pump or eco-friendly pads to soak the overflow of milk.


Bonding and Soothing


One of the key elements of a great relationship is bonding. It is the basic structure which helps in building a strong relationship. The bond between a mother and her child needs to be strong and soothing. Child care is not only dependent on how well you treat your child. It also depends on how well you know your child. The attachment of a mother and her child helps in emotional growth.


Handling a Newborn


For new moms, handling a newborn child is very tough. In case of moms who have never been around newborn babies, it’s a huge task. It can be an easy job if you follow some basic rules.


  1. Wash your hands – Whenever you are around the newborn child, always wash your hands and use hand sanitizers. Keep a pack of napkins to dry your hands before handling the child. It is better to use eco-friendly napkins.
  2. Always support the head and neck – The most fragile part of a baby’s body is the head and neck. Always keep support whenever lifting the child or laying down for sleep.
  3. Do not shake the child – Never ever shake the child out of excitement or frustration. It can cause severe damage like internal bleeding and injury.




It is very important to keep a note on what diapers you use. Your child cannot express his or her comfort or discomfort. Always use eco-friendly diapers which are hygienic and safe for your child. The use of bamboo made diapers is on-demand nowadays. They are biodegradable and soaks 4 times more than regular diapers. You can also use a cloth diaper and diaper liners as well.


The Struggle of New Parents


A newborn child needs all the attention and care from his or her parents. Often it seems tough for the parents to give the required amount of time to their child. This is a problem for every new parent. They struggle a lot to do the needful for their child. Most working parents fail to carry out their responsibilities due to a number of reasons. Firstly, the moms, after her maternity leave needs to join the office. Secondly, dads don’t get any such leave to nurture their child. Thirdly, parents are hell tired after office hours.


As a whole, it is a huge struggle new parents go through to nurture their child. Infants need all the love and care of their parents. You simply cannot compromise on this part. Through this blog, you will be able to grab some idea on how to make the struggle easy.


Involve your spouse


The first thing about child care is both the parents’ involvement. It is not the responsibility of the mother only or the father only. New parents struggle to manage time and often the responsibility falls on either the mother or the father. Taking good care of the child is much easier if both the parents are involved equally. If the father and mother both shoulders together, then the responsibilities are equal and simple. You both can work on your professional responsibilities as well as personal.  Well, planning is an important factor over here.


Establish a Parental Plan


When responsibilities are divided equally, there are no more struggles. The important part over here is a plan of action. You and your spouse need to be on the same page for the plan to work. Are you guys physically, mentally, philosophically and emotionally on the same page? If yes, then there is nothing to struggle with. Both of you have to take turns in feeding the baby, changing diapers, etc. This, in turn, won’t let you exhaust yourself and the responsibility will be on both of you. You can do your work, get some rest and even give time to your child.


Know how to be proactive


You need to be pro-active with everything around your child. It can be changing diapers, feeding the baby at regular intervals or putting the baby to sleep. Everything must be on point. Keep the milk ready before the child wakes up. Use pumps and milk soaking pads made of bamboo. This, in turn, will help the mother to keep the milk ready for milking. The pads also help in soaking milk at times of overflow.


There are eco-friendly saddle clothes made of bamboo. It helps the baby to sleep well and feel comfortable. Diapers must be lined up near the baby for changing. Alternatively, you can also use diaper liners for easy usage and dumping. The bamboo made diaper liners are biodegradable and 100% safe for the child.


Mark the milestones


With the child grows, you will be able to witness many milestones. The important part is your presence during the growing days. It is a real struggle to be present with your child for witnessing his or her first step, first words, first smile, etc.


Even though, new parents struggle to keep things under control with a new person at home. If both the parents work accordingly in a systematic manner then there is not a hint of struggle in child care. It is a lovely feeling and great joy.


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