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How to Keep Your Child’s Immunity Strong This Spring

Although the weather is beginning to warm up with spring on the horizon, this does not mean the season of ailments is over. The change of seasons can increase the risk of certain illnesses and symptoms. The common cold is actually a typical spring ailment, and you want your child to be prepared. ( When spring comes around, kids want to play more outside, which can also increase the chances of allergies.

The key to avoiding symptoms that would interfere with your child’s fun is to boost the immune system. There are various ways to do so, including immune vitamins for kids.

Risks of a Low Immune System

It is important to keep the immune system strong, because when it is weak it interferes with the body’s ability to fight off germs, viruses, and bacteria. This increases the chances of not only getting sick, but also of having more severe symptoms and being sick for a longer period of time. An immune system may be low for a number of reasons:

  • Poor diet
  • Lack of sleep
  • Excess stress
  • Digestive problems
  • Lack of sunlight
  • Underlying medical conditions

Although children are generally healthy and have a fairly robust immune system, they still need some immune support from time to time. Whether you need infant immune support or support for older children, there are various ways to strengthen immunity.

Ways to Strengthen Your Child’s Immune System for Spring

Two major ways to boost the immune system are sleep and nutrition. Children need more sleep than adults, but the advised amount varies among age groups. Infants need an average of 12 to 16 hours of sleep per day, while teens can function well on eight to 10. Children in between generally need between 10 and 12 hours, but a child may need more if there is excess stress or higher risk of illness.

Nutrition plays a large role, as certain nutrients support immune system function. Organic fruits and vegetables should be included in every meal and snack, and additional focus should be on healthy fats, complex carbs, and lean protein.

Certain foods, such as processed foods, sugar, and unhealthy fats, can lower the immune system response. These should be kept to a minimum, and if your child is suffering from an illness, you should avoid those items as much as possible. Sometimes it can be hard to get your child to eat healthy. In those instances, it helps to supplement with vitamins and minerals, such as those found in Wellements gummies, which are especially popular with kids.

Exercise is important at every age, and children are no exception. It does not have to be traditional exercise like running on a treadmill or swimming laps. Anything that keeps a child active and moving will do the trick. Aim for around 60 minutes a day.

The immune system is an amazing thing, and it can fight off a wide variety of ailments. Make sure your child stays healthy this spring by strengthening and keeping immunity strong.

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