heart of Italy

Florence: the very heart of Italy

There's something about Italy that makes every in-love couple want to marry in this stunning nation. The breathtaking views, friendly hospitality, amazing cuisine, and welcoming atmospheere found across the peninsula make it the ideal location for any type of event, from elopements to destination weddings. One of the most gorgeous places is located at the very heart of Italy, the country: Tuscany. 

A destination wedding in Tuscany has all the makings of a fantastic romantic journey. Every city in the region, whether big or small, has its own distinct personality. They're packed with magnificent art, rich history, and views that have inspired painters, authors, and poets for millennia, like the medieval San Gimignano with its ancient towers and the XII century Duomo that will definitely surprise you; Siena, where every year the famous Palio is held will capture you; the world-famous Leaning Tower of Pisa, one of the most recognizable landmarks ever is but a few kilometers away and it will amaze you.- heart of Italy

And have you ever felt the desire to see the Venere of Botticelli with your own eyes? Or the birthplace of the greatest poet that ever lived, Dante Alighieri, the incredible David of Michelangelo, the hometown of Lorenzo De’ Medici, also known as Lorenzo the Magnificent? All of that is possible and it’s all in one place. Florence. Firenze. The crown jewel of Italy, and the city whose dialect - Florentine - was chosen as the official language of the entire country. That’s right. Italian, the language of love, was born in those golden streets and on its emerald streets!

But Tuscany is way more than the sum of its parts. The wedding venues are just breathtaking, exquisite, and timeless in their beauty. You can propose in the Giardino di Boboli, get married in a castle on the hills and spend your honeymoon visiting museums, stopping by the vineyards where you can taste refined, rich, surprising wines and visit places where history was made. Whether your heart longs for a religious rite in a historical church or for a civil rite on the shores of the Arno, you will find yourselves wanting to take a piece of this spectacular region with you, and having Studio D’Essai’s wedding videographers in Tuscany with you to immortalise your destination wedding will give you the chance to do that and more, by simultaneously sharing the first step of your new journey on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook for your friends and the whole world to see and celebrate with you.

It was great American writer Mark Twain who once said “The Creator made Italy by designs from Michelangelo”, and it’s no surprise that the painter (and sculptor) was a Tuscan man. That’s exactly where the world changed forever, from the Renaissance to Galileo, from Dante to the Medicis to the two-time Academy Award-winner screenwriter, actor, and director Roberto Benigni.

His masterpiece, Life is Beautiful, was filmed in and around Arezzo

Whatever questions you may have, Tuscany is the answer you were looking for.