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11 Ultimate Tips to Pass College Exams Smoothly

Exams always come unexpectedly, and the marathon begins with all the accompanying elements. Usually, these are sleep deprivation and grueling studying.  To help you overcome this with minimal loss, we have decided to list the top tips which can help you pass the exams easily and smoothly. Learn Throughout the Semester Yes, the start is obvious. If you have been …

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Clothing, Fashion, Lifestyle

The best clothing and fashion hacks for college girls

After getting into college, every girl dreams of a happy life of three or four years ahead. Apart from typical situations of falling in love, exchanging notes, and bunking classes, fashion is another critical component of college life. After a routine bound life of the school, you come to taste the first bite of freedom in your college. Every girl …

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Children and Parenting, Family, Lifestyle

How to raise your child to be gender-neutral?

Gender biases or gender neutrality is a lemon squeezing topic in today’s world. Everywhere we go, we subtly fall under the grasp of gender biasedness. Though because of educational advancement, we try to be gender-neutral yet subconsciously, we fail to be so. Why? The answer would be that this gender bias is woven with our personality while we were growing …

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Quick Tips for Finding the Ideal Baby PramChildren and Parenting

Quick Tips for Finding the Ideal Baby Pram

Choosing brand new baby products can be an amazing and exciting experience, this is especially true if you’re expecting your first baby. However, it’s not hard to feel overwhelmed and feeling like a beginner when you’re shopping for baby things. Don’t worry, it’s only natural to feel like this when you’re starting out but doing your research is key to …

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