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Finding the Right Concealer for Your Skin

Every girl wants to look beautiful & flawless. Whether she is on her way to the office or she is attending a marriage party, she wants to ensure that her make on point and she looks stunning. However, to make your make up look all natural and perfect, you must use the right kind of product.

Concealer is an important product used in makeup. When you use it while doing your makeup, it covers all the blemishes, dark spots, acne marks, and dark circles around your eyes. However, the use of concealers can make or break your look based on what type of concealer you are using and how you are using them.

Various Types of Concealers

There are various types of concealers found in the market. You need to choose the best one according to your skin tone and preferences. If you are looking for the best concealer to buy, you can visit the Nykaa website or download the Nykaa app. By using Nykaa offers & Nykaa sale coupons while making a purchase, you can get a discount to 30% on concealers. Here are different types of concealers that you can use –

  1. Liquid Concealers

These are concealers that come in a liquid form. If your problem area is big and you need to cover your entire face, liquid concealer can be the best option for you as it can spread evenly on the face. The liquid concealers are very easy to apply on the face. You can use the concealer without using any foundation. But, as it offers medium coverage, you should only use it if you do not have darker spots.

The liquid concealers are versatile. It is perfect for all kinds of skin types – normal, combination, or oily skin types. The best part is, liquid concealers come in different finishes. You can choose from Stain, dewy and matte based on your preferences and skin types.

  1. Solid Concealers

The solid concealers come in a pencil or a lipstick shape. They have a thick consistency and are the best to use when you need to hide darker spots. The only thing wrong with solid concealers is that they are hard to blend. In that case, you have to put a little extra effort.

  1. Cream Concealers

For a woman with combination or dry skin types, the crème concealers are the best option to choose from. The coverage offered by such concealers is quite buildable from a mere medium one to full coverage. Based on your preferences, you can use either a satin finish crème concealer or a matte finish one.

One drawback of such crème concealers is that they tend to become cakey if you wear them for longer hours. To avoid such situations, you can always finish your look by applying some pressed powder on your face.

Choosing the Right Concealer for You

Choosing the right concealer based on your skin tone and type is no rocket science. It actually is quite easy if you have got the basics right. There are just a few things that you should take care of while you are choosing a concealer for yourself. Take a look at those –

  1. While buying a concealer, keep two things in mind – the shade of your skin tone and the shade of your foundation. The foundation should be two-shades lighter than your skin. And the concealer that you are buying, should be one shade lighter than the shade of your foundation.
  2. Understand the color codes before you buy a concealer. For example, if you have purple or blue shades under your eyes, use a concealer with a peach, pink or an orange tone. If you have red blemishes, then apply a concealer with a yellow tone.
  3. If your skin comes under the darker shades, use orange toned concealers.
  4. While you are trying to cover an acne mark or a pimple, you should first use a green concealer and then follow it by a yellow colored concealer.
  5. For women with uneven skin tones, the best that you can choose is the yellow concealer.
  6. If you have a swallow skin, you should use concealers with purple bases. This will brighten up your skin and will make it look like a highlighter, rather than a concealer.

Applying concealer the right way also matters a lot if you wish to get the perfect look with your make up. You need to ensure that you are using the right color combination and applying it in a proper manner.

Also, while buying concealers, remember to buy reputed brands’ concealers. If you are buying online, you can find such reputed brands in websites like Nykaa. Nykaa has a huge number of options available for the makeup and concealer lovers to choose from. Using Nykaa offers & Nykaa sale, now you can get various discounts on all kinds of products.

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