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Why You Should Ask for Dry Haircut (#6 Reasons)

Whenever you visit hair cut salon, you should ask for a dry haircut. Also, there are some things which are better if done dry. Here is a discussion regarding the six best reasons why you should preferably ask for a dry hair cut.

1) Dry Cutting Is A Friend To People Who Have Wavy And Curly Hair

Anyone possessing wavy or curly hair will always prefer dry cutting. This can exactly make a very big difference to them. Also, it can be very hard to tell for them where the curls are going to lie when your hair is usually soaking wet. So, the cutting of the hair and the curls are exactly doing their thing. This means that the stylist can choose and pick where to cut.

2) It Can Get You In And Out Of The Salon Faster

Dry hair cut usually takes much less time and so, you can easily get in and also of the out of the salon. So, this dry cutting method is proved to be much effective if you have a lack of time.

3) It Can Be Gentler On Thinning And Fragile Hair

Wet hair is considered to be more elastic and also fragile in case it is fine or over processed. Along with that, it can be also prone to snapping while it is being combed over and over during a wet cut.

Also, during the whole process, you are more likely to shed fewer strands in case you have a dry cut. So, it is very important for people with thinning hair or who are much concerned about breakage. (Diazepam)

4) There Also May Be Fewer Surprises

Hair is much stretched when it is wet and this is true for people with very curly hair. Your stylist will be allowed to trim just the right amount off during the cutting of hair when it is already dry. As a result, you can get more bounce than expected.

5) It Can Be More Precise

You will get to see the movement of your hair when you dry cut it. This includes where most of the weight is and how much it really needs to be cut off. So, it is an ideal choice for thin or fine hair. When the hair is dry, you can see split ends more clearly.

6) It Is 100% Tailored To You

When the hair is cut wet, many of the stylists are following a simple formula and doing the movements which are taught in school. But, whenever you are cutting dry, you are basically creating a completely individual and also custom haircut for the client.


If you have ever thought that there were some of the universal rules that a haircut must always involve cutting of the wet hair, then you are wrong. Cutting of the dry hair has never been so much popular. This helps to improve your hair condition and also it helps in the improvement of the results.

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