Quick Tips for Finding the Ideal Baby Pram
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Quick Tips for Finding the Ideal Baby Pram

Choosing brand new baby products can be an amazing and exciting experience, this is especially true if you’re expecting your first baby. However, it’s not hard to feel overwhelmed and feeling like a beginner when you’re shopping for baby things. Don’t worry, it’s only natural to feel like this when you’re starting out but doing your research is key to a successful shopping trip. The type of baby pram you choose can determine and play a huge part in your baby’s life. Plus, the quality is a deciding factor a lot of the time too. A top tip we would suggest is to ensure you look at previous reviews before spending any money on a pram for your expected newborn. 

To save you asking questions like “which egg pram is right for me?”, we have compiled a list of seven quick tips to help you choose a pram if you’re stumped over the hundreds available. Hopefully, the explanations below along with the tips can give you confidence in your decision when choosing then ideal baby pram. It’s not always true what they say, you’ll feel that it’s right when you find a perfect fit, in the case of something for your baby, this can be an extremely difficult choice. Keep reading for our top tips so you can be rest assured when you bring your baby home, they will have the essential accessory when they’re out and about. 

  • Decide on a type of pram

Traditionally, a pram is a carriage designed for a newborn baby to lay flat, but with new designs and technologies appearing all the time, you can get prams that also turn into pushchairs now. When deciding on a type of pram, you have to consider your baby aging and growing – they will need something to suit them when they’ve only just arrived but also something that will be suitable 2 years down the line. If you don’t do this, sizing up to something more appropriate will be expensive. However, investing in a pram that will grow with your child as they get older will mean you save money in the long term. 

Before choosing a pram type, consider when and where you’re going to use it. If it’s simply for everyday living and pushing around city centre pathways or roads, then you don’t need something the same as someone who will be using it in muddy farm fields and off-country roads.

  • Consider public transport use

If you’re a mother or father who has a car then you won’t have to worry about public transport and busy times on trains or buses. However, if you’re someone who regularly uses these services and will be doing so with your newborn too, you have to consider how save/suitable the pram is for public transport. Does your potential pram fold down and is it lightweight? Will the pram fit into designated pram spaces and aisles on buses or trains? This is especially useful to consider if you’re having more than one little baby. Twin prams sometimes have double seats meaning your little ones lay beside each other. While this is super cute, this simply isn’t practical when it comes to using public transport and will make your life a lot harder than it needs to be.  

  • Have a realistic budget

So many people ask about the average prices of a pram or pushchair, or how much they should spend on one. However, this is impossible to answer. How much you want to spend should consider your budget for all your baby accessories. You could be looking at anything from £200 to £2,000 for a similar pram just because of designer names which is why before you even start shopping, you should set a maximum price and stick to it. Many brands now offer more affordable options in which you can get a carryout or seat unit and adapters which you will obviously pay more for. Consider how much you have saved for when your little one arrives and make a sensible choice when it comes to the price. 

Only choose a pram with good reviews

You can spend hundreds of pounds (sometimes thousands) on a good pram, but the price doesn’t always reflect the quality and what the consumer thinks. Instead of going off-price, look through real customer reviews before spending any money. Customers talk truth and if there is issues with a pram, they will tell the internet! Websites like Trust Pilot are a great way to look up brands and products as they have verified orders on their site to prove they’re not fake reviews (which are highly common on Amazon!).

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