The Most Common Complaints About The E-commerce Managers and Why They are Bunk

It’s not very unusual to get complaints from clients while you have the responsibility of an e-commerce business. While your product or service fails to meet the customer’s expectations, they would likely complain about it. Sometimes, these complaints are legit, but sometimes they are bunk. An e-commerce manager has to oversee all the sections of the company. That’s why he …

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Gender Neutral Hairstyles

International Women’s Day is imminent and it’s an important occasion to celebrate not just women but equality in general all over the world. Fighting stereotypes, promoting justice and improving situations for everyone no matter what gender they relate to, is the key message for International Women’s Day 2020. With that in mind, opting for gender neutral hairstyles can look edgy …

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3 Productive ‘couple goals’ and how to achieve them

Among the many cheesy and cringe-worthy activities that couples do, there is one which is actually productive and should be encouraged, that too if done correctly – couple goals. Couple goals are basically just goals that couples decide on together. They usually ponder over different activities which they aren’t participating in and decide to start doing them together. They don’t …

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