Easy cleaning tips for working couples
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Easy cleaning tips for working couples

Isn’t it great to come back to a clean and tidy home after eight hours of professional hazards? Doesn’t it feel relaxing if you do not have to start arranging things as soon as you come home? It is, and it does. I mean, who on earth wants to be welcomed by a massive pile of dirty clothes sitting at the corner? A clean and organized home is everyone’s dream. More so, if you work in an office. Life is already exhausting for you. You would not want more by doing cleaning every time you get home.

However, if you want your home to be perfectly clean, you have to walk some extra miles. For you and your spouse, both are working, and you do not feel comfortable hiring a maid, you need to be, think, and act smart. (Ambien) There are some quick tips that you may find useful for keeping your house clean without toiling hard daily. What are they? Let’s see!

  1. Have a checklist:

There is a lot to do when it comes down to clean a house. There is dusting, moping, and brushing, cleaning, washing, laundry, getting rid of waste, necessary repairing, organizing, arranging, and so many things that do not come to mind all at once. You cannot do these things on a single day.

Sometimes you forget to do some of these things, which start bothering you during the most crucial meeting of the week. Ouch! You cannot let this hamper your day. So have a checklist. Do one or two things on a single day, and cross the activity off your list. This way, you do not forget to do anything and make time for everything.

  1. Divide and clean:

It is only unfair if you have to do everything by yourself, and your spouse watch T.V. if you both share an apartment, it is both of your responsibility to clean it. On the very first day, divide the chores between you and your spouse and do them accordingly. If you are comfortable to wash clothes, ask your partner to do the dishes.

If you are in charge of changing the curtains, ask the other one to arrange the books. Try to understand each other’s comfort zone and plan accordingly. It is only through a good understanding and cooperation, and a house becomes a home. Doing things this way, no one has to take an extra burden.

  1. Follow the ‘one-touch’ rule:

It becomes very tiring if you have to put an effort over and over again for a single chore. For instance, after coming home, you may set your bag on the couch of the living room, and go to the kitchen table to have a sip. The bag remains on the couch when you take a bath and retire to the bedroom and ultimately forget about the bag. However, the kit does not live there. The real place for the pack is the closet that is in your bedroom.

Eventually, you might need the couch empty for one thing or another, and by that time, the bag has settled a colony there. So, you drag it from there and keep it on the coffee table because you do not have time to go to the bedroom and put it in its real home.

The next day, you have to find the bag in four or five places before you see it on the shoe cabinet because someone has put it there to use the coffee table for another legit purpose. If it is the picture of your life, you must follow the ‘one-touch’ rule, which says you to put things where they belong after every use. It helps you organize your place.

  1. Do things regularly:

We trust you when you say that your office work is tiring. We believe that you work very hard. But cleaning your house is also an essential job for you. It can be easier if you do not skip any daily chore. If you have something to do according to your house-cleaning schedule, do it.

Do not keep things to do later. If your schedule says you have to do laundry today, do it today. On your way home, prepare yourself mentally to do the laundry. It is easier if you are ready. Never put aside a work by telling, ‘I will do it tomorrow.’ Because for a lazy mind, tomorrow never comes.

  1. Smart use of space:

No one lives in a castle. With families becoming nuclear, small apartments are becoming popular. Instead of having a sprawling house, everyone has a two-bedroom flat. So, the smart use of space could help. Try to assign different storage for a different purpose.

Try to keep things within a bag or something rather than keeping them loose on the floor. If you follow a laundry bag, dirty clothes do not litter on the floor. Keep a basket where you can pile up old newspapers.

Have a bigger plastic bag to collect smaller plastic bags. In the kitchen, put the spoons and ladles on a ladle stand instead of hanging them randomly. This way, not a single thing gets lost, and the place does not look clumsy.

  1. Impromptu:

Apart from these general rules, there are more impromptu tricks which are particularly beneficial for an individual family. Like, if you have a dog, avoid keeping a carpet. A pup is essentially a child. He might pee on your favorite rug.

If you have plants, have a particular corner for them. You may not want to have a dirty floor all over your home. If your house is near a beach, set a water tap on your lawn. So, there is an arrangement for washing the sand off your shoes before you get home.

Keeping a house clean may seem to be an exhausting job, but the end-product is fantastic. When you finish with the last cleaning chore, and you sit on your couch, the feeling is incredible. You have a clean house, you have nothing more to do, and you have a whole day ahead to watch a new series. Voila! Check out Bax Clean for more information on cleaning your gutters.

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