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Tobacco and Vaping

How do E-Cigarettes affect our health?

E-cigarettes are in the trend since they were introduced. As most of us are addicted to smoking, e-cigarettes and vaporizers gained lots of demand all across the world. It is a device used to smoke tobacco in a new way. People now opt for vaping devices more than cigarettes. These devices have small cylinders filled with liquid nicotine and flavors.


What is Vaping?


Vaping is the process of smoking with the help of electronic cigarettes. You don’t actually smoke from a cigarette but from a machine. These devices are called vape which contains nicotine, flavors, and other chemical components. All these elements are stored in small cartridges inside the device. You can refill the cartridges according to your requirements.


How Do E-Cigarettes function?


As mentioned above, the e-cigarettes or vaping devices have the nicotine and other elements stored inside the device. Once you light up or switch on the dives, the nicotine heats up. After which it mixes with the chemicals and flavors. As a result, this mixture is inhaled and exhaled in the form of smoke. There are different types of vapes which look like flash drives and can be easily charged up. Vapes can be charged with the help of USB ports as well.


Health Effects of Vaping


There are a good number of health issues related to vaping as it is related to nicotine. Nicotine is a harmful and highly addictive element. It causes severe damage to the brain as well as other vital organs of our body. Even though vaping seems much safer than actual cigarettes, they are not. Here are some of the reasons why.


  1. Nicotine is highly addictive.
  2. It effectively hampers the brain development and functioning procedure.
  3. It damages memory, self-control, concentration power, attention and learning abilities.
  4. The use of nicotine increases the chances of chronic health diseases.
  5. It damages the lungs and can cause cancer.
  6. People addicted to the consumption of nicotine find it tough to stop using it.


E-cigarettes are not only used to smoke tobacco but also marijuana. Also known as weed, marijuana contains high levels of THC oil. It is an illegal drug in some countries and affects the mental and physical behavior of a person.



Why shouldn’t you vape every day?


It doesn’t matter if you vape every day or not. Vaping will still affect your health and you will get addicted to it eventually. Addiction varies from person to person. Maybe you don’t vape every day but once you get addicted to it, you will vape regularly.


E-Cigarettes without nicotine


There is some good in every bad thing. Well, in case of vaporizers and e-cigarettes, there are devices which do not contain nicotine. Unfortunately, they have the chemical elements which can affect your lungs. Even though they won’t reflect immediate effects, but in the long run, you will suffer from various health conditions.


Hazards of E-Cigarettes


E-cigarettes or vaporizers come with lots of health and other risks. You might not understand initially but they will hit you hard later. Here is a list of risks related to e-cigarettes and vapes.


  1. Addiction – Vaporizers and e-cigarettes lead to addiction which is hard to get rid of. It further leads to addiction to other substances and drugs.
  2. Use of Tobacco – These devices enhances the use of tobacco. You might feel like trying out other tobacco substances like cigars, hookah, cigarettes, etc.
  3. Toxins and Chemicals – Vapes and e-cigarettes are loaded with toxins and chemicals. The vapor inhaled and exhaled is not created from water but from chemical elements. The vapor pours fine particles of toxic chemicals into our lungs. As a result, it damages the lungs. On the contrary, these chemicals also affect the environment.
  4. Brain Risks – As kids and teens are more inclined towards vaping, they suffer the damages as well. Vaping affects brain development in kids and teenagers. It damages the ability to learn, concentrate and memorize. Long term use of vapes can cause permanent brain damages too.
  5. Money – None of the vaping devices or the refilling substances comes for free. Everything has a cost and you have to pay for it. The e-cigarettes and vaporizers are pretty expensive. The cartridges also cost a good sum of money. If you are planning to buy any of it, think again before buying.
  6. Future Consumers – The kids and teenagers often fall in the trap of various advertisements. Vaping devices are one such trap. Kids of this generation and upcoming generations are the future consumers of these vapes. The companies producing these products target them for future benefits. It is your and our duty to let the kids and teenagers know more about the effects of vaping.


How to quit Vaping?


For people of all age groups who want to quit vaping, here are some way outs.


  1. Write down why you or your kids want to quit vaping. Keep it with you as a reminder whenever you feel like vaping.
  2. Select a day to quit vaping and hold on to your decision. Seek support from friends and family.
  3. Restrict all the vaping supplies.
  4. Cut all ties from the people who are into vaping.
  5. Indulge in tools and programs which will help in quitting e-cigarette smoking.
  6. Seek medical support for quitting nicotine intake.


Effects of Quitting E-Cigarettes


Once when you quit vaping, your body will show some changes. These changes will affect your day to day life. For instance, you might experience:


  1. Severe headache
  2. Crankiness, anger, depression, and tiredness
  3. Concentration issues
  4. Hunger issues
  5. Random restlessness


These symptoms are the result of your quitting e-cigarettes. You might experience it from day 1 or day 10. All these symptoms are tough to handle but ultimately good for you. Once you get over with the addiction, you’ll be fine. These symptoms will fade away with time.


It is good to quit vaping as soon as possible. You will feel fresh, fit and healthy once you get rid of this addiction. Your body will gain lots of positivity, your mental, emotional and physical health will also develop.

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