how to style pixie cut messy
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How to Style Pixie Cut Messy?

Are you considering a pixie cut but upset about how you’ll style it? A pixie cut can be a great option for those with fine or thin hair, as it can add texture and volume. There are several ways to style a pixie cut, including a messy style. A pixie cut enables you to cut your hair shorter, and that makes it more manageable for you. Both men and women can rock this haircut.

Still, you’ve come to the right place! After reading this composition, you can be sure to know what to do to manage your hair and how a messy pixie cut can be managed in the best way! So, let’s take a dive and understand what you need to do to style yourself.

how to style pixie cut messy

 What’s a pixie cut?

This haircut was popular back in the 50s. As you know, antique fashion is the in trend currently. These styles keep coming back. The hairstyle is unique as it looks like a boy- cut hair, but it isn’t. The hair is shorter in reverse and longer in the front.

The hairstyle looks stunning in nearly every hair type and thickness but looks much further fascinating when tried on thick hair. Whether you have straight or curled hair, you can try this pixie cut. Madonna carried this hairstyle in her crimp and wavy hair, which looked amazing.

how to style pixie cut messy

 Face Shapes That Can Pull This Cut

There are different hair cuts and styles that suit different face shapes. Not everything suits everyone. Face shapes like oval and round-shaped faces can pull off this hairstyle. Heart-shaped and square-structured faces can also rock this look.

You need to talk to your stylist, and they’ll do it, or they’ll cut your hair consequently.

Styling Pixie Cut Messy With Clips

Let’s now take a look at striking ways style pixie cut messy.

You can’t tie your hair, but you need to make it look presentable when you’re going out.

 Items you’ll need

  • Hair gel
  • Hair straightener.
  • Styling clips
  • Hair teetotaler
  • Hair spray


  •  First, apply hair gel or styling gel so that it gets manageable for you to handle and term your hair. It’ll also lift your hair and will add a bit of volume too.
  •  Take your hair drying device and dry out the product.
  •  Now take a styling clip and clip the longer section of the hair.
  •  Use a straightener that has a small plate to make wind the ends of your hair. Try to take lower sections to get the optimum effect of your straightener.
  •  Now remove the clip from your hair and place the twisted hair beneath the long hair and keep it on the side down from your eye. Either the left side or the right side.
  •  Take a hair spray and spray from a distance to set your hair. There you go, your final results are ready for you!

Tip: You can also use dry shampoo before you move on to the styling process if you have dull hair or a greasy crown.

 Styling Pixie Cut With Bangs

The first style will remind you about those magazine models with wet hair and glowing makeup with loads of lip- gloss. You can produce this style after you take a shower or you can also use water spray to dampen the hair.


  • First, you need to dampen your hair, or you can right start just after you get out of the shower.
  • Now take your favorite hair gel or foam and apply it to your hair.
  • Now, if you wish, you can straighten your hair a bit, or you can leave it as it is. As this style looks great on crimp and wavy hair as well.
  • Now just mess it up. Yes, just make chaos with your fingers, and there you go. This is the classic wet messy hair look on your short haircut.
  •  Now the coming bone.
  •  This look you can achieve in wet hair, or you can set your hair with hair wax or gel to set it in place.
  •  This haircut is known as the clean or the reverse brush look.
  •  First, you need to apply hair wax or gel on your damp hair or dry hair.
  •  Just brush your hair backward. Back brush all of your hair either with a paddle hair brush or with your fingers.
  •  Next comes the Audrey Hepburn- inspired look. This will take a few moments and looks cute. This is a great way to channel your inner Audrey Hepburn. This haircut looks amazing on every face shape.

 Items you’ll need

  • Hair scum/ gel/ spray
  • Water spray
  • Hairbrush( voluntary)
  • Straightener( voluntary)
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair spray
  • comb
  • A head scarf. Just tie a head scarf or bandana on your head and just let your bangs hang outdoors. I mean, this is the easiest look that you can go for.

 Pinterest Inspired haircut

This style is trending and looks amazing, and suits each face type. This looks quaint and also looks sexy.

This cut is perfect for women with curled hair. The long curled bangs will fall on your cheekbones and produce a stunning look. The side bangs will further enhance the beauty of this haircut. This style is super easy to maintain and can be regained in numerous ways. Indeed if you don’t have curled hair, you can use an entwining machine or flat iron to coil your hair. Make sure you go for soft curls.

 Items you’ll need

  • Curler or flat iron
  • Hairspray

Just curl your hair as you would generally do and set the hair with some hairspray to hold it for the rest of the day.


For a hairstyle like this short, where you can’t tie your hair, you need to test different ways to make your hair look trendy and cute. What you need to do is you need to try out different hair partitions to know which style suits you the best. You can either go for the middle partition, or you can go for the side partition on whichever side you like.

For this, you need the most important thing that a short girl must have is a hair pomade.

This hair pomade will ensure that your hair gets smooth and it sticks throughout the day. This looks great with several long bangs and long sections.

 Hobgoblin Quirky Braid

This is my favorite cause of the way it turns out every time. This style has a quaint touch to it and looks romantic enough. This is royal, and the way it turns out makes it more seductive. Whether you’re going to a party, this haircut is applicable.

Comb your hair duly and take the longer section and start platting it in the crown area. Take lower sections from the sides and after you’re done, secure it with some Bobby pins.


This haircut is great for round faces and looks great. Straight hair will be the stylish choice for this hairstyle. However, you can straighten your hair, If you want to go for this style. But originally, to get the look, you don’t need anything extra.

 Items you’ll need

  • Hair comb
  • Hair gel

Comb your hair and detangle your hair. Now apply gel and spike your hair. This is the most prominent hair style and looks relatively bold. Try out this haircut. This just boosts your confidence.

 Trimmed and Shaved

This one is relatively popular as this looks clean and quirky. Just ask your stylist to shave your sides tightly for a clean look. Make sure your hair length is short as well.

 What are the pros of this hairstyle?

  • It’s short, so you don’t have to spend hours and hours styling.
  • You don’t need to worry about your hair getting knotty or detangling your hair often.
  • You need a few products on your hair.
  • It regards your face shape beautifully.
  • No split ends and frizzy ends.
  • More manageable.

Quick Tips

  • You can highlight or color your hair, as it’ll make it pop and it’ll look cool.
  • You can add hair accessories like headchain, colored bobby pins, cute clips, and headbands to your hair to make it look super cute.
  • Wear different types of headdresses/hats to accessorize your hair.

How to Style Pixie Cut Messy Ideas?

  • ‘Shaggy’
  • ‘Feathered’
  • ‘Long’
  • ‘Asymmetrical’
  • ‘lateral trimmed’
  • ‘dummy Hawk Pixie cut’
  • ‘Textured’

 Final Thoughts

Still, we want to assure you that there are lots of options to choose from about how to style pixie cut messy. If you have been eyeing on pixie cut but don’t feel reluctant because you’re worried about protection and styling. You can find a pixie cut that works best with your hair type, face shape, spirit, and personality. When you’re ready to hash your long hair out, a flashback that there are lots of ways to style a pixie cut. They accentuate the face and make it look bolder as compared to long hairstyles. There are numerous variations of pixie cut, and we’ve listed them in this composition. I hope this composition was helpful and applied to your hunt. If you want to change your haircut or your hair, you can go for this cut that suits your face. Also, let us know your experience and which hack you liked the most from this composition.

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