emerald green bridesmaid dresses
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Emerald Green Bridesmaid Dresses To Look Beautiful!

The color green has been on everybody’s mind now. Green is the most talked-about color of the season, and with that, comes different shades of green. From sage green to forest green and emerald green, netizens cannot get enough of this color. So why is there so much hype about green? Green symbolizes freshness, a new beginning, and rejuvenation. It is a color of all that is new and comes from the earth.

So, what is the take on emerald green? From the name, we understand that the color comes from the gemstone emerald. It is an expensive stone, and the color represents wealth, class, and luxury. It is a fresh color to look at, and it gives a sense of prestige to whoever wears it.

emerald green bridesmaid dresses

Emerald Green in Bridesmaid Dresses

So, what is the point of incorporating this color in dresses? Sure, we have seen lots of emerald green accessories like necklaces, rings and earrings. These give a push to any outfit that we are wearing and make it stand out. But an emerald green dress is something else entirely.

An emerald green dress is something that is going to make you stand out from the crowd. It is a beautiful color to make a dress out of, and it will make you look royal, elegant, and classy. However, emerald green shines the best when it is made into a bridesmaids dress. Sure, for a wedding, traditional colors can be gone, like chiffon pink, sky blue, and light purple. These are basic colors of a bridesmaids’ gown and do not add enough character to the dress. But an emerald green gown would definitely catch the eye, and the bridesmaids would stand out.

emerald green bridesmaid dresses

How to Style Emerald Green Bridesmaid Dresses?

To style an emerald green bridesmaid dress, you need to know the type of dress and how it will look on your skin and fit your body. Every color looks different on varied skin tones, and you need to style your dress accordingly. So let us take a look at the types of emerald green bridesmaid dresses and how you can style it!

1. Velvet emerald green bridesmaid dresses

Velvet and emerald green go together like nothing else. It is like emerald green was made to be paired together with velvet. If you can get your hand on a velvet emerald green bridesmaid dress, then you don’t have to worry about anything else, because your wedding is going to be a massive hit already. However, when it comes to styling a velvet dress, minimalism is the key. You do not want attention to shift from the dress, as it is the star of the show. However, if attention does shift, you do not want the rest of your look to fall bland in front of the dress. So pair it with some small stud earrings or a pendant. Do not go for a necklace and earrings. Choose one. And if you can, incorporate accessories like bracelets and rings. It really brings the look together.

2. Emerald green bridesmaid dresses with slit

A slit is a very tricky thing when it comes to a dress. A slit can go from being modest and classy to being bold and risky easily, depending on the type of slit. However, you do not want to outshine the bride. So a green dress with a moderate slot upto the knees would be pretty enough for a bridesmaids dress. It serves the purpose and looks good enough. However, when it comes to styling it, we do not want to add more on top of the added extravagance of the slit. Again, keep it extremely minimal. Pair it with some heels, and add hair accessories if you can.

3. Square neck emerald green bridesmaid dresses

Square neck dresses are one of the most flattering in recent times. From the classic sweetheart neckline which was well-loved back in the day, we have moved forward to square necks. A square neck dresses focus on your neck area, and it gives a very flattering shape to your shoulders and highlights your collarbones. To style a square neck dress like this, you will want to focus on accessories that highlight your neck. A simple pendant, or a criss-cross necklace with being elegant. However, if you want to stand out and spice up your outfit, you can go for a choker necklace, which will really deal with the deal.

4. Strappy emerald green bridesmaid dresses

Strappy dresses are a classic, and when paired with the color emerald green, it becomes a timeless classic. Strappy dresses are flattering for almost all kinds of bodies, and it’s simple enough not to outshine the bride, but to create an impact of their own. However, strappy dresses look very bland if not styled properly. So, pair it with any kind of necklace and earrings that you have. A small clutch can also serve as a great accessory.

5. V neck emerald green bridesmaid dresses

Any dress with a V neckline is already a dress that is bold and will attract attention. It looks very flattering on the chest area, and your bridesmaids will look gorgeous without a doubt. However, if you think it is a bit over the top for your wedding, a mesh between the V cut can be inserted. To style a v-neck dress, we need to steer clear of the chest and neck area, because we do not want more attention there. A pair of simple teardrop earrings will look great and your outfit will not look bland.

6. Statement sleeve emerald green bridesmaid dresses

Statement sleeves have been making a comeback, years after they saw a rise during the 80s. But we are here for it, because statement sleeves are simple, and do a wonderful job of making a simple outfit stand out. Bell sleeves, puffed sleeves, sleeves with ruffles, they all look very pretty, especially on dresses. So, styling a statement sleeve dress is very easy, because you do not have to do much to style it at all! A pretty makeup look, a stylish hairstyle, and some killer heels are all you need to style that dress!

emerald green bridesmaid dresses

Green bridesmaid dresses

So, we have talked some about emerald green bridesmaid dresses and how to style them, but let us not forget about the other shades of green, which have been dominating fashion recently and for good reason.

1. Sage green

Sage green is a color that is absolutely dominating everyone’s minds. From accessories to outfits, sage green is everywhere. The color is basically a cool-toned version of green with grey undertones. It looks extremely beautiful, paired with primary colors like red, blue, and orange. Sage green is best paired with satin material. If you can find a bridesmaids dress that is satin and sage green, that dress will definitely win hearts.

2. Forest green

If you find a forest green dress, good for you because this color is not that basic and it’s very hard to find a dress which is of this color and looks good too. From the name we can clearly understand that forest green refers to the green we find in our environment; the forests and the trees there. Forest green takes you one step closer to nature and it looks phenomenal on dark-skinned people especially.

3. Jade green

Jade green color is definitely a unique shade, which looks wonderful on any skin tone. No matter who you are, you will rock a jade green dress. People will green eyes will look especially ethereal when paired with this dress. From the name, we can understand that jade green comes from the gemstone jade and it is a green color with hints of yellow in it.

4. Mint green

Mint green is an extremely pastel version of green. Mint green dresses are in the hype right now, but it is very rare as a bridesmaids dress. Mint green dresses are not traditional, but it looks extremely beautiful and modern on anyone who wears it. The color is a mixture of part cyan and green, with subtle hints of yellow in it. The color is so catchy and a sight for sore eyes, that you don’t even need to think much about styling it. It’s a showstopper on its own!

Final Thoughts

So, we have come to the end of this blog. I hope that all of these tips and tricks on how to style emerald green bridesmaid dresses and what emerald green as a color meaning is clear to you. Now, you can stand out during your wedding by dressing the bridesmaids in emerald green bridesmaid dresses which will make them look ethereal and make your wedding feel like a royal one.

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