The Best Ways to Update Your Manicure

So you’re looking for an updated manicure. You may be someone who routinely goes to the nail salon and requests the same manicure everytime. You trim your nails, buff them, and add another coat of regular nail polish. Maybe you are even someone who gets the same color every time. No judgment here! I used to get the same pink color from OPI titled Bubblegum every time I got my nails done. This self care routine can be quite therapeutic. However, if you clicked on this article you are like me. At some point you can be bold and change up your routine. As a fellow manicure connoisseur to another, here are some of the best ways to update your everyday manicure!

Tip Number One: Make a Pinterest Board!

Let me tell you, Pinterest is an absolute game changer! Stop reading this right now and download the app and make an account. You will thank me later. What is amazing about Pinterest is everyone else on there also is looking for style tips and sharing their own. It is an incredible platform to look for inspiration. Simply search “nails” in the search bar and welcome to a whole new world of creative nail art. You will find every color nail polish, nail shape, technique, nail art, and more! Another fabulous feature with pinterest is there is a feature where you can filter pins based on your own skin tone. This is amazing to see how a specific color or nail art design will look on you! Take a screenshot of the look you are going for and show it to your nail tech during your next appointment. Do not be shy to ask for something new or show your nail tech a reference photo. This is common practice and your salon wants to make you happy with your service!

Tip Number Two: Follow Nail Artists!

Similarly to tip number one, this tip is about finding your own style. Like any other artist in various different mediums, artists tend to have a signature style. This applies to nails as well. Following nail techs from your salon and viral artists can give you a better sense of what is possible for your own nails. By following your go to the nail salon you can see all of the work they do. If you think something may be too complicated go to their instagram page and see what they have done before. If you find something on their socials that you like you can ask them to recreate the look at your next appointment. The best place to follow popular nail artists is on Instagram and YouTube. Search using the hashtag #nailart and watch the inspo roll in!

Tip Number Three: Try a Design!

If you are new to nail art it may be overwhelming, especially if you do your own nails at home. One really great way to spruce up your at home nail mani is to paint each nail a different color. I have done this plenty of times! This style has also been trending over the past couple of years. Search “vsco nails” and you will see how many possibilities there are with this style. The viral way of doing “vsco nails” is by picking out five pastel colors. Typically used are pink, blue, yellow, green, and purple. However, the options are endless! During the fall season I use a different shade of brown and orange on each nail. This is a great way to add additional color into your everyday look!

Tip Number Four: Try Acrylic Tips!

If you are someone who typically keeps their nails short it may be time to consider trying acrylic tips and giving your nails some length! What are acrylic nails? This kind of manicure gives you a more dramatic look compared to your natural nails. The acrylic itself is a mixture of powder polymer and liquid monomer that creates a paste. Your nail tech places this paste onto your natural nail. This bond allows your tech to shape your new nails however you would like. These nails last around two weeks before you would have to get them filled in. Do not be intimidated by long nails, you may just fall in love with them!

Tip Number Five: Try Semi Cured Gel Nails!

Do not go to the nail salon often and rather give yourself a manicure at home? Semi cured gel nails are the solution to updating your everyday manicure! Have you heard of semi cured nails before? Well, they are an at home solution to a high quality gel mani! These nails are typically sold by companies as stickers. The nail sticker is customizable to the size and shape of your natural nails. They come to your door 60% cured. This means the nail sticker is still flexible enough for you to shape it to your nails. Once you have the stickers on you cure them at home. Once they are 100% cured it is the equivalent of getting a gel manicure at a salon! These are hundreds of colors and designs to choose from!

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