One of the two techniques used by Estetista to achieve nail reconstruction in the gel is called the monophasic technique; it entails using a single gel product that already contains the three ingredients needed for the triphasic technique (Primer, Builder Gel, and Sealant Gel).

By attaching directly to the natural nail’s surface (which has been previously prepared), the Monophasic Gel accomplishes the duties of all three materials, providing effective sealing and quick application. It is feasible to use all of the decorations used in a typical triphasic gel system, including Gel colors and Gel Nails with a Glitter effect.


This tutorial is for you if you enjoy reconstruction but feel that the processes involved in creating it takes too long. To reduce processing times, Estetista has produced 4 3-in-1 gel products for you. By utilizing just one substance, you can make a gel nail reconstruction using this technique known as “monophasic.” One of the following products is used during the monophasic nail reconstruction:

  • ONE: Monophasic Transparent Gel
  • PINK ONE: Monophasic Pink Transparent Gel
  • ONE IN PASTEL PINK: One-Phase Gel in Pastel Pink
  • PINK COVER ONE: Pink Monophasic Gel Covering

All of these goods are three-in-one (base, builder, and polish), self-leveling, and brilliant. They are made in Italy, have a 15 ml format, and are professional. (


The tutorial for Estetista making a nail reconstruction using the one-phase method is provided below.

  • Let Primer Art 7290 dry after applying it.
  • Use the preferred monophasic gel to create the camber.
  • For 180 seconds or 90 seconds, polymerize in a UV lamp or LED-UV CCFL.
  • Utilize Cleanser Magic to degrease
  • The nail should be shaped with the zebra file art 7513 180/240, the surface should be finished with a buffer, and any residue should be removed with the nail brush art 2655.
  • Color Gel or Smalto Semipermanente Estrosa should be applied in a thin coat (to be repeated a second time after the first polymerization if you want a more intense effect)
  • For 90 seconds in a CCFL UV LED lamp and 180 seconds under a UV lamp, polymerize the Color Gel or semi-permanent nail paint.
  • Use Glossy Blue art 7270 or Brilliance art 7271 to seal everything.
  • Catalyze the UV light for 180 seconds and the CCFL UV bulb for 90 seconds.
  • Utilize Cleanser Magic to degrease



A modeling monophasic gel that is also appropriate for three-phase systems is called  EASYGEL. It is a multipurpose product that can be used for natural nail retouching, covering or map extensions. ( Features include:

– Low price,

– Self-leveling

– Viscosity is medium.

Not only will you find semi-permanent nail polish kits on Estetista Shop, but you’ll also find 4 amazing kits for monophasic and three-phase nail reconstruction!

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