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How to Get the Best At-Home Manicure

Everyone loves a good manicure. Nothing makes you feel more confident than being able to get your nails done perfectly, followed by ample opportunity to flaunt them around for everyone to see. Manicures are just the ticket to completing a look, but they can be so expensive. Not only are they expensive, nail salon experiences usually entail a series of events that can make the process too slow for enjoyment. Maybe you want the look that can only be accomplished at a salon without the hassle or the excessive cost. Well, there is a solution for you. Semi cured gel nails are one of the best types of nails to hit the market. And the best part is that they can be applied in your very own home.

Everyone Wants an at-home Manicure

Everyone wants an at-home manicure, right? Well, the thought of that might have made you cringe because of at-home manicures gone wrong in the past. (modafinil online singapore) Maybe you’ve tried:

  • Acrylics at home with your own glue.
  • Liquid gel nail polish and a UV light.
  • Nail stickers that make you feel like a kid again.
  • Classic polish that somehow never turns out how you hoped.

Let’s be honest here. Whatever you’ve tried before most likely was either a disaster or the finished product was average enough that you wouldn’t try it again. In a perfect world, your at-home manicure would be easy to apply and look exactly how you envisioned it. Semi cured gel nails can help you achieve this look. Long gone are the days of nail disasters, discouragement, and polish covering your hands. Semi cured gel nails actually look like professionally done nails. The only exception is that you get to apply them onto your nails in your very own house. The meaning of at-home nails has forever changed thanks to semi cured gel nails.

Why are semi cured gel nails the Best?

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times. Everyone claims that their at-home methods are proven and true. Well, semi cured gel nails are truly the best. But, it might just be something you have to see to believe. Let’s explain some more:

  • Semi cured gel nails are only 60% cured liquid gel. This means that the nails are flexible and not a hard plastic material. 
  • There’s no vinyl or plastic in the ingredients. 
  • You have the ability to apply them yourself and then cure them to 100% so that they last up to 14 days.

Semi cured gel nails are made with real nail shapes in mind. The edge of every nail is cut into a C-shape so that the gel nail fits the natural curve of your nail. The flexibility found in 60% cured gel nails allows you to fit and form the nail right onto the surface of your nail with ease. 

Some added bonuses with semi cured gel nails:

  • Each nail is layered three times: a base coat, color coat, and a top coat.
  • Semi cured gel nails are toxin free.
  • They are also made out of hazard-free materials.

Semi cured gel nails are arguably the best at-home manicure you can have.

The application Process

Semi cured gel nails are not only made for real people with unique nail shapes, they are also easy to put on. Let’s take a look at the nail application process:

  • First, you browse the options online for you to choose from and select your favorite designs.
  • The nails ship right to your front doorstep.
  • Take the flexible nail and place it right onto the surface of your nail.
  • Apply a UV nail light until fully cured.
  • Enjoy the gorgeous look of your new nails.

The salon couldn’t even make the nail art process easier than this. Try out one of the easiest ways to apply beautiful nails today.

Your new favorite Styles

A common misconception is that at-home manicures don’t give you as many options as a nail salon might. However, that myth ceases to be true with semi cured gel nails. Here are some gorgeous designs to choose from:

  • N Creme: light shades of pink and white accented with hints of gold.
  • N Lovesome: alternating colors of coral and peach with some sparkly nails thrown into the mix.
  • N Matcha Latte: a gorgeous deep green nail with accent nails to make a statement.
  • N Apple Cider: a mix of subtle pinks and reds that come together beautifully, decorated with a finishing touch of gold and light pink flecks.

Style uniqueness doesn’t have to only exist in nail salons. Get more nail varieties than you could possibly imagine delivered right to your home.

Forget the Salons

Semi cured gel nails are the new and best way to get your at-home manicure looking like a professional did your nails. Forget the salons and switch to semi cured gel nails for your new at-home manicure routine.


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