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There are numerous types of gemstones that never fail to amaze us. Ceylon sapphire is a precious gemstone and is made out of a variety of minerals. This type of gemstone is found on the island of Sri Lanka. This gemstone is more praised for its beauty and its natural colors. Most of the time you will see this gemstone in the color blue. This gemstone is also known as padparadscha which is given after the color of the lotus flower. This unique gemstone is of corundum. It is that only diamonds are harder than sapphires but their color makes them look elegant in jewelry pieces. Therefore, whenever a Ceylon sapphire is in any jewelry item, it will illuminate it.

The colors of sapphires can range from pink, rose, yellow, green, orange, purple, and white. The main color of the Ceylon sapphire is blue. There are many other gemstones that are hearted to achieve color. However, that is not the case with Ceylon. They are not heated to obtain any color because they are naturally bright and beautiful. The color blue can range from sky blue to deep ocean blue. Moreover, the different types of sapphires have different hardness. For example, the padparadscha has a hardness of 9 whereas a moonstone has a hardness of 6. Therefore the sapphires are ranked mainly on the top when it comes to hardness.

Why Ceylon sapphires are rare and unique 

There are many unique features of a Ceylon sapphire. The main element that is loved ad adored by almost everyone is its color. As much of its importance and its uniqueness are placed on its color, it truly is a work of art. There would be some people who would think that the color will be blurry or a bit cloudy but that is not the case either. A Ceylon sapphire has the best clarity of all the other gems. Therefore, it is unique because of its color and how clear it is. Moreover, this will also result in them having higher prices. That is because of its looks.

It is true that many people usually do not care about its properties but instead they look at the things that excite them and make them sparkle throughout. Moreover, they are also quite rare because they are found in very small amounts in some countries such as Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India, Thailand, Brazil, Madagascar, Australia, and Russia. Therefore, there is a lot of things that some of the gemstones do not produce. For example, Ceylon sapphires in the color blue can mainly be found only in Sri Lanka. Therefore, it is a rare gemstone and it is not found in most places.

The exceptional treatment 

There is a significant portion of Ceylon sapphires that are mined in the country is found with some other elements as well which is known as silk. These elements are then left out within the sapphire during the natural formation process. Hence, the silky stones are also widely known in Sri Lanka and it goes by the name Gewda sapphires. However, they are not as transparent as the Ceylon sapphires because the color of Gewda sapphires can be improved by heating them up. This happens by giving them heat treatments and then the color improves.

This has also become a main business in the jewelry world. Usually, when it comes to buying and selling, buyers will choose those stones that are usually not treated with anything and are natural. However, then there comes a price difference. It would be unfair if the prices for untreated gemstones and treated gemstones do not differ. That is why the heat-treated Ceylon sapphires are usually priced around 30% less than the untreated stones. Therefore, if you ever go to a jewelry store and want to purchase a Ceylon stone where the prices differ, now you know why.

Where is this gemstone polished and cut?

Most of the time when Ceylon sapphires are exported polished and cut in Sri Lanka. This has a huge reason behind it. This is mainly done because one of the most crucial elements of this sapphire is the cut. Therefore, the rules and the government of Sri Lanka rules the surrounding sapphire trading. Hence, Ceylon sapphire cannot be exported out of the country uncut and rough. Unless the sapphire falls into the Gewda category.

Therefore, almost all of the Ceylon sapphires in the world are cut and polished, and then they are exported out. Moreover, they are heavily used in jewelry. That is because if there is a plain jewelry piece that looks boring and lame then adding a Ceylon sapphire will surely illuminate it making it look enchanting. Therefore, this is a great gemstone that can be used often in jewelry and it is expensive.

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