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6 Reasons Opal Ring is a Must Have

Opal is the birthstone for the month of October and is a fresh stone that is loved by girls all over the world. The different kinds of stones that belong to this precious group look completely different. The reason is the color and origin of the stone. The elegance of having a precious stone in your life is unmatched by any possession. The magical changes and the facts that are attached to the colored gemstone rings remain unmatched. Opal gives you a reason to become confident and amazed at the facts that are attached to the precious stone. First, buy your opal ring and then uncover the amazing facts based on the same. 

Amazing Facts About Opal

A few amazing facts about the amazing Opal are here:

  • Opal is also known as Hope Stone. It is majorly due to the property of the stone to offer hope, confidence, and prosperity to the beholder. An amazing way to connect with the life of the person who has chosen Opal as their ultimate stone.
  • Rain is the reason behind the creation of Opal. Everyone is aware of the silica in the rain droplets. After the rainfall, the water gets evaporated leaving behind silica which naturally ages and becomes precious Opal.
  • Old tales believe, Opal is made from the tear of Zeus. The amazing stone is believed to be turned into an amazing stone after hitting the ground. It is n old tale that describes the origin of the Opal as the fallen tear of Zeus. Colored gemstone engagement rings can have a droplet of Zeus tear, there is an uncertain possibility.
  • 95% Opal is sourced from Australia. The major reason is the level of rainfall and quick evaporation of the water from the surface of the continent. It is the place of origin of the most amazing black Opal and has given the world of jewels many such natural Opals.
  • The luckiest gemstone for the beholder. The benefits of wearing the Opal are amazing and it is considered as the provider of good luck. The positivity offered by Opal is life-changing for the beholder.
  • Love for Opal is seen among the Royals.

Six Reasons That You Should Be Wearing Opal Rings

The magnificent Opal is the one semi-precious stone that can enhance the beauty of the beholder by offering unlimited benefits and prominent reasons to wear it in the form of a ring. Reasons are:

1. For Unlimited Luck

To welcome unlimited luck in your life, you are advised to rely on October birthstone, the most prosperous Opal. It will be enhancing your personality and your perspective towards the upcoming opportunities. The major luck factor is attached to the origin of Opal, it is created through the magical wonder “rain”, the process of formation of natural Opal is amazing and one should take complete advantage of the same by wearing a colored opal ring on a regular basis.

2. Due to the amazing fact

The Amazing facts highlighted above can give you a solid background about the precious Opal and you can incorporate the same in your life. The best way to wear Opal is to go for the amazing Opal engagement rings as they are easy to wear and offer you an elegant look. The best type of Opal is Fire Opal and Ethiopian Opal in form of ring.

3. Creation of Fashion Statement

The endless options to wear fashionable Opal in form of a bracelet, ring, earring, and pendant can help you create an impactful look. Ladies, get your party shoes on and dazzle with your formal dress pairing the most beautiful colored opal rings. You can wear any color ring that will suit your formal or informal dress to give you the look of happiness and comfort. 

4. Ideal for the Party Look

The Opal engagement rings look perfect with the matched pendants and earrings for the ultimate party look that you can carry to the beach. The piece of jewelry that can be worn in the nighttime and the perfect dazzle can light up your face with the much-needed glow. Life gives you many reasons to celebrate and you can celebrate yourself every day by wearing the amazing gemstones. Pair your dress with the right colored gemstone and complete your party look with ease.

5. Easy to Wear and Maintain

Just grab the ring and you are all set to leave for the party. Even better, wear your jewelry after completing your make-up, dress up, and hair-do. It will help to avoid any direct contact with the chemicals and ultimately enhance the shelf life of your semi-precious stone. The cleaning part is easy, you can grab a bowl of warm water and pour a few drops of mild soap and wash your ring by soaking it in the bowl of soap water followed by freshwater. 

6. Considered as Most elegant everyday Jewelry

The everyday Jewelry to make you look classy yet very elegant is here, colored opal rings are your go-to partner for every occasion. You can wear it on regular basis and make the most out of the available opportunity. Choose the one which can suit your personality as you have multiple options knocking on your door. You can wear any cut, any color, any design, any type of jewel as the internet allows you to witness catalog from around the globe.


The amazing way to wear an opal engagement ring is to wear it in the vein of love, the third finger that connects to your heart. Well, if you plan to wear it like a pendant, it is the best idea. The engagement ring which can be worn near to the heart reflects positivity and good vibes to the beholder. The most iconic way to make the most out of the available birthstone is by wearing the same during an auspicious occasion. The magical powers offered by the stone will maximize and the beholder will get a sense of assurance about his choice. 

There are many ways to wear an engagement ring apart from wearing it on the ring finger, one can use it in form of a pendant and create a unique necklace. 


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