Tips for Finding the Right Eyebrow Shape for a Round Face

Have you ever looked in the mirror and grown frustrated with your eyebrows? Do you feel like they don’t quite capture the shape that you want for your round face?

Framing those features with the right eyebrow shape may be the perfect solution. With so many shapes available, deciding what will suit you best can be overwhelming – it’s intimidating walking into a beauty salon when you don’t know what you should be asking for.

Fortunately, we have gathered together our top tips that you can use to find the best eyebrow shapes for a round face to give your face balance and bring out its natural beauty.

But first..

How Can You Identify a Round Face?

A round face is characterized by a prominent, full cheekbone structure that tapers in at the jawline and widens out across the forehead. There are usually no sharp angles in a round face shape – instead, it will have more of an oval or circlesque appearance.

Your hairline can also help determine your face shape – people with round faces tend to have foreheads that are wider than their chins or jawlines. Additionally, a sure-fire way of checking if you have a round face is to look in the mirror and see if you have an equal ratio between the width and length of your face.

Measuring from hairline to chin and ear to ear should both give similar measurements!

What are the Right Eyebrow Shapes for a Round Face?

For a round face, full eyebrows that have a sharp, angled arch can be incredibly flattering. While you don’t want to overwhelm your small face with too puffy or thick of an eyebrow look, opting for a natural-looking shape can go a long way in creating a bolder and more structured appearance.

To achieve this effect, experimenting with three different options is recommended: the high arch, the low arch, and the S-shaped brows.

High Arches

With hard angled brows, angularity can be added to a round face. These eyebrows are characterized by straight tails and crisp, defined edges, which give more definition to the cheek and chin regions of the face. An experienced eyebrow artist will often create this look by strategically filling and drawing out each stroke, causing the brows to appear elongated or higher set on the face. This helps the effect of slimming down a round face shape, making it look chiseled and symmetrical in comparison. (Ambien) This shape gives an elegant look that accentuates beauty hassle free.

Low Arches

Soft angled eyebrows are perfect for those with a round face wanting to accentuate their features. The swoop of the curve gives just enough definition to the browline while still keeping it natural and inviting.

The best thing about having a round face is that you can choose between low or high arches to bring out specific characteristics that flatter your shape. So, if you’re not comfortable with a sharp-high arch, a low softer arch will do.

Gently sweeping the arch outward from the center of the eye creates a slimming effect, highlighting the face’s best angles and helping to provide a more symmetrical image. Soft angled brows give you just the right structure for an elegant overall look – so if you want classic beauty, this style is worth considering.

S Shaped Eyebrows

With a S-shaped eyebrow, you can create an entirely new look for a round face. This unique shape is all about balancing angles and curves to give off the perfect newly redefined glance.

The warm-hearted rounded face appeal is amplified with this bold shape by softly curving and slightly angling the eyebrow. As if an ‘S’ was sketched precisely above the eye, S-shaped eyebrows will be sure to turn heads with its charismatic yet elegant allure.

Let’s not forget that signature extra length in your face transformation as well! If you have a round face, this trend may be just what you need to get attention without saying a word!

Round Faced Celebrities for Brow Inspiration

Seeking brow inspiration? Why not take a cue from some of the most iconic round-faced celebrities, such as Selena Gomez, Drew Barrymore and Michelle Williams!

Each of these stars have different approaches to styling their brows, though they all share an overall look that is both timeless and effortless.

Selena Gomez rocks full yet natural looking arches that are slightly lighter than the rest of her hair color. Meanwhile, Drew Barrymore has mastered the art of the bushy yet slimmed down shape with barely there highlights. Michelle Williams’ asymmetrical angles bring a soft yet edgy vibe to her entire look.


It’s all about balance; when styling your eyebrows with a round face shape, you want to create the illusion of length by higher placement and sharper lines. This helps ensure that your features stand out without appearing overly pronounced or competing with each other. A thick, high, and well-defined eyebrow can give the impression of depth and help you achieve a natural yet lifted look.


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