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Perfumes & Personalities: the genuine one is hard to come by

Perfumes play a very crucial role in our wardrobe. Occasions like date night or for the casual working day in the office, perfumes demand attention. And it does accentuate certain aura and presence. The perfumes nowadays are mostly inspired by vibrant smells of nature with natural ingredients mixed with synthetics ingredients to create almost natural essence to hover whenever you wear it.

Whenever you remember good perfume, you always associate it with the person who was wearing it. Perfume is essential that adds to the personality of every individual but more for women because women are more of the conscious lot that demands attention about how they are perceived as individuals. And to get that, smelling good is a good way to go about it. The perfumes for women consist of a very expansive domain of fragrances from non-branded to brand with a plethora of smells ranging from fruity to musky to subtle earthly smells.

Here in this article, we will get to know everything about perfumes for women with the intention of gaining an insight into the fascinating world of ladies’ perfumes.

Before we proceed any further, let’s gather the basic concept of what are perfumes?

Perfumes are scented liquids with a combination and selection of aromatic essential oils along with alcohol or other spirits and solvents. They consist of very light a molecule that floats once in contact with the air and spreads the smell. Perfumed impart fragrance because of the presence of fragrance notes which form the core smell of the perfume.

Types of perfumes:

Their range of perfumes for women in the market is overwhelming, with innumerable perfumes for her. But with the pointers below, you will know exactly what to look for without getting confused about it

  • Parfum- alcohol level of 20% – 30% and lasts more than 8 hours.
  • Eau de perfume- alcohol level of around 15% that can stick up to 6 hours.
  • Eau de toilette – alcohol level of around 5% – 15% that lasts for about 4 hours’ time.
  • Eu De Cologne – alcohol level of 2%- 4% and suitable to spray on skin

How to identify genuine perfumes?

Genuine perfumes are very hard to come by. With competition so stiff for branded fragrant wear, the market is filled with jugglers, selling various copies of branded items. Crazy, right? The response towards the ‘copied products’ from the target market for the product copies overwhelms the demand of the original giving way to the market of copies.

Therefore, knowing to identify genuine perfumes is essential to have a long-lasting experience and an informed choice. Let’s look at how we can identify the two apart:

  1. Understand the notes

The fragrances are made of notes (perfume lingo), and understanding the notes will help you a great deal to assume how your perfume is going to smell. There are three notes, top, middle, and base, and they all work together to give out a delicious smell. The top notes stay for only 15 odd minutes leaving the middle notes exposed, which might stay for the longest period of time, giving way to the base notes, which is usually the strongest and tend to likely remain at the end of the day.

  1. Breakaway

Whenever you’re in a shop selecting a perfume, if you spritzed it on the tester, never smell the tester right away. Breaking away from the environment, which already smells of innumerable scents, will allow you to judge the perfume properly. Breaking away leads to a break in the consistency of the fragrance, allowing your nose to adjust. Once that is done, and then if you smell the tester, the real mood for the scent will be revealed.

  1. Keep it, check it

Never make an impromptu decision of buying the perfume then and there. Always use the tester for the ones you loved, keep the tested inside your pocket and go on about your daily chores. Leave the tester inside the pocket and try to smell it at the end of the day, if the smell and your mood still persists each other then that is the perfume for you.

  1. Knowing the seller:

It’s essential to buy your perfumes from places that are known to have good products, or you know the seller. Places like departmental stores or duty-free shops are the best places for genuine perfumes as close attention to the details of the product can be done.

  1. Shopping online:

When online portals like Amazon are used, checking the reviews is of utmost importance. Most of the stores of Amazon are PayPal verified with their information with Amazon. Apart from that, return policy and attention to content is very important.

  1. Price-product determination:

The price of the product tells a lot about its genuine nature. If the product is very moderately against the information online, then it’s probably a fake. In case of stock or season end sale, it can be of no importance at all, but otherwise, the price can give away a lot of details.

  1. Research:

Knowing about the product online and reading about it will only help enjoy the whole experience. Staying one step ahead is always useful.

  1. Packaging:

Genuine perfumes are not only about authenticity but also convenience allowing the clients to feel comfortable while using. Hence paying close attention to the packing is important. Internet packing should match real packing.

In a nutshell.

Authentic Luxury perfume products are very hard to come by, but the smell it delivers is surreal and heavenly. The effects of a genuine, authentic Luxury perfume will give off elongated silage making everybody around your sit-up and take notice. But as mentioned, they are hard to come by often owing to its extravagant prices, demand, and cut-throat competition of the fakes. However, certain shopping stores like shopper’s stop, retail sellers, duty-free shops, and online stores like amazon, authentic luxury perfume products genuine perfumes can be found and purchased easily with a proper retail guarantee.

Perfumes are a delicate affair, one which is confusing and interesting at the same time. Therefore, next time you want to purchase perfume, go and surprise yourself and your friends with this befitting knowledge of perfumes. I am sure, and it will be worth it.

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