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How to buy the perfect perfume for you

Don't you often wonder how some people smell so lovely even after a hectic office schedule? Aren't they just crafty fragrant charmers who know how to smell sweet after facing a bunch of office meetings on a hot summer day? Well, nothing is improbable in the world of fragrance. It is just the right bottle of perfume that it takes. No matter how long your day was, no matter how sweaty your hours have been, you would smell like freshly collected nectar.

Why is it so crucial and people tending to go wrong?

However, it is not an easy task to have a nose for the perfect scent. Sometimes, it is a vast collection that you have to choose from. Sometimes, it is the fear of coming too strong to smell good. A strong severe smell is not something that people would admire about you. Like seriously, a pungent smell of perfume borders on torture to your olfactory sense.

Trial and error:

In the kingdom of aroma, there can be a viable option for you. You have to choose from a plethora of good perfumes. A few errors can be allowed. The whole gamut of scents is so vast that you can be confused before, while, and after buying the 'perfect' perfume that suits your personality. So, the magic key to find the actual scent for you is to go for a trial-and-error policy while shopping for perfume.

The third time is the charm:

If you cannot get lucky the first time, the second time, your focus would be more on rectifying the previous mistake than on selecting the perfect aroma. Say, the first time you bought a rose scent which you did not like. The next time you go to the store, you would strive to avoid any rose-scented perfume. It is the third time that you can steer clear of any prejudice to set your eyes on the perfect bottle. So, yes, it is, the third time is the charm.

Carry it:

There are a lot of pleasant scents out there. Not each of them will accentuate your temperament. You need to have a clear vision of who you are and whom the world should see you as. Then only you can have your signature smell.

How to shop for perfume? 

Apart from the general rules stated above, three tips can come handy while you are on your sniffy mission. Remember, the wrong perfume can ruin your day. The people in front of you would have a different impression of your persona from just the false aroma. So here are some rules which you can consider:

Go offline:

Online shopping is one of the most popular phenomena, which are the offshoots of globalization. It is a blessing to shop essential commodities while sitting on your couch. It would have been a nightmare if we had to slip out of our cozy sweatpants and March off to the market to shop for every little thing.

While you can buy anything and everything online, it is recommended to avoid online shopping for perfumes. It is never possible to guess the right flavor or aroma from the online catalog they offer. For this matter, you should be a bit old school and choose from the real shelves rather than from the virtual ones.

Know the terms:

Like a musical piece, the fragrance has various notes of intensity. There are the top note, the middle note, and the bottom note. The high note of a fragrance is the most robust note that you can smell immediately after you spray the perfume. It is too strong to admire the aroma. The top note generally fades away within ten to fifteen minutes and gives way to the second note, called the middle note.

This note is considered to be the body of the perfume. You may hear people referring to this note as the heart note as well. This note stays longer than the top note. You can smell the middle note of perfume after a few hours. It is the bold aroma that is the most prominent of the notes. Finally, you are left with a mild scent that is known as the bottom note of the perfume. After the middle note fades out, the base note is the rich and pleasant smell that stays with you till the end of the day.

It is essential to know about this segregation before you buy some perfume bottles. For instance, a perfume can have a top note that you like, say vanilla, and the middle note of, say rose, that you hate. If you buy this one, you will end up having a scent that you hate (because the top note does not stay for long). However, the beauty of perfume does not entirely depend on segregated notes and their specific aroma, but on the harmony of the three notes that casts magic on the world.

On the street:

It is not accurate to smell the perfume standing in the store. After a spray, you should leave the store. The store is filled with other scents. You can be confused as to the actual notes of a perfume. There is no way of understanding a note if it is mingled with the clouds of other scents. So, the key is to spray it and leave the store. In the fresh air of the outside area would be a neutral atmosphere where you can genuinely take the smell of the perfume without being biased.

Tester sticks:

Try to use tester sticks to spray different perfumes. Unless you use individual sticks for exclusive fragrances, you will keep hovering to remember which perfume you sprayed where.

Come another day again:

You have to give it a day before you finally buy perfume. After you have finalized two or three aroma bottles, you leave the store and live the day. Yes! Do your jobs, hang out with friends, and watch one or two episodes of your favorite series. Take your time till the best one emerges right before you.