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Essentials to Pack for your honeymoon

Going to your honeymoon is one of the most exciting events of your post-marriage life. While you are enjoying your honeymoon, you both can get to know each other from close quarters. Apart from the loving nature of your man, you come to know about his most irritating idiosyncrasies and eccentricities, which is the 101 of married life. So the honeymooning phase is all about coming close to each other’s bare souls, accepting the negativities in each other and accentuating the positive vibes that play between you. So the honeymoon is one hell important thing in your life.

Now, it sounds romantic, but the honeymoon is not that easy to pack for. This will probably be the first time that you two will be travelling alone. If you do not know your partner for a long time before marriage, you do not know how he or she would react in different situations, or about your partner’s habits. So you have to be ready for every possible situation. Here are some tips that you can keep in mind while packing for your coming honeymoon.


The most exciting difference between a honeymoon packing list and a general tour packing list is in the clothing section. This is a trip you are going to remember your whole life by looking at the photos. And hello, there is someone who will only look at you the whole day and night. Could your clothes BE any more important? First of all, pack a comfortable pair of denim for both of you. Nothing can ditch your classy denim look. Pair your denim with matching tees, and look at what you have got, a pair of cute romantic love birds! Next, try something sexy.

For the lady:

  • A little black dress (you have got to show off your long legs)
  • A classy dining dress with contrasting shawl
  • A good pair of formal trousers
  • An attractive top or shirt

For the gentleman:

  • Nice ties, one or two
  • A classy blazer
  • Matching couplings
  • White shirt
  • Black shirt

For both:

  • Couple tees
  • Comfortable pair of boxers
  • One or two sweaters or pullover jackets for walks on chilly nights and mornings
  • One blanket
  • Proper accessories


It is your honeymoon. A lot of hours you two will be making some hot love. So pack a few lingerie items to get his motor running. Apart from some classic lingerie items like push-up bras, seamless panties, you need some special items in your lingerie bag. In the section of lingerie, you can go some extra steps to explore the wildest side of your persona. And trust me; there are a plethora of choices.

You can go with leopard print lingerie. This would bring out the bossy tone of your character, which men dig. If your man is more of a lovey-dovey lover, he will love you in a lace bra. Baby doll dresses are always the best. If you are comfortable enough with your body, you can go for G-string, thongs or pantyhose. And hello there is G-strings for men as well. So, shop for some spicy lingerie that you will not regret ripping off.

Beach wears:

Going to a beachside on a honeymoon is a dream. There are so many honeymoon destinations rising in popularity at the beaches around the world. While a chilly city on the mountain gives you few choices for dressing up (whatever you wear, you have to put on a sweater, which is a complete mood-killer), a seaside place offers you a huge range of choices to dress up. And it is needless to say, beach wears have wide varieties.

You can go with a classy two-piece bikini. A bikini is always the most preferable beach wear. In a classic bikini, you will be the eye candy for him the whole beach session.  But if you have a cute tummy and you do not want to show that baby, you can go for one-piece swimsuits. There are good varieties in one piece as well. For him, pack a few sexy swim shorts that would be both classy and attractive.

Besides swimwear, you have to take care of some easy-breezy dresses perfect for a lazy stroll along the sea coast. Pack some short and comfortable dresses in vibrant colours for an evening with ocean and love. For him, white short trousers and a linen shirt would be perfect.


A honeymoon is a happy event. You would not want any trouble on those days. So, pack every travelling related essentials, like tickets, hotel booking memo, tour guide books, passport, credit cards and anything that you need on your honeymoon beforehand.

Do not pack these things at the eleventh hour. A little mistake can cause you endless worry. And if you are planning to go overseas, inform your bank. Pack essential medicines for both of you. Be prepared for atmosphere related emergencies.

For example, if you are going to a high-altitude place, pack for necessary medicines. If you are travelling on a ship, have some medicines for seasickness. A good camera is an essential packing item to capture every feel-good moment. Make sure, the batteries are in good condition.

Romance overloaded:

You can make your trip more romantic by giving each other some small cute presents. So pack them carefully. A romantic dinner will be more exciting if you give him a mixed tape containing memorable songs from your dating years. Pack some tea light candles to have a romantic decoration in your hotel room.

First, make sure the hotel you are staying in will allow candles. A bottle of expensive tinted red wine is something you should not go on your honeymoon. An evening in your hotel balcony would be as memorable as a postcard if you have wine.

Packing is an art. And when it is for your sweet honeymoon, the art is superior with your heartfelt love. Honeymoon is not over after you come back. But it lingers to the end of time. You two will always treasure those days in your heart. So, make the trip a great one.

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