Right Foundation for Your Skin

How to Choose the Right Foundation for Your Skin?

Foundation is such a dreamy product that we all love to use…when it’s the right one, of course! The wrong foundation, on the other hand, does us no favours, at all. It is so frustrating buying a product only to find that it doesn’t work for you, such a waste! Avoid splashing a tonne of your hard earned cash on a full bottle of foundation that just doesn’t work with your skin in any way, by following these simple yet effective tips. Without further ado, here is just how to go about choosing the right foundation for your skin…

Determine Your Skin Type 

Well, in order to choose the right foundation for your skin you need to actually understand your skin! With that in mind, you’ll need to determine what your skin type is. Skin types basically refer to the overall condition, texture and preferences of your skin. The most common skin types are:

Sensitive: If you find that your face is a little stingy in the cold, you have patches of discolouration or you suffer from conditions such as rosacea or hyper-pigmentation, chances are, you have sensitive skin. Those with sensitive skin should look for natural or mineral makeup with few ingredients and zero irritants. You might want some medium to full coverage to conceal any pigment troubles.

Dry: Those with dry skin will often suffer from flakey patches or overall dull and lifeless skin on their face. You can easily help your drier skin by choosing a thick, moisturising cream or mousse foundation. Anything that’s enriched with essential oils or moisturising ingredients such as coconut will give your skin a much needed drink throughout the day. Look for something with reflective particles or subtle shimmer to kick the glow up a little.

Mature: If you have fine lines and wrinkles you’re going to want to opt for a thinner liquid foundation that won’t settle in to them. Look for a light to medium coverage liquid foundation and apply with your hands, the added oil from your finger tips will help to bring a youthful glow to your skin. 

Combination: Combination skin types should look for a balanced foundation that helps to bring balance to their face. Cream to powder formulas will likely work best as they don’t drag on dry patches during application and they dry down to a long-lasting powder finish that will combat any shine from oilier areas of your face. Try a mineral foundation to restore harmony to your skin.

Oily: Oily faces need a foundation that’s going to stop excess sebum production, aka shine. Keep the gleam at bay by opting for a finely milled loose powder foundation in light, medium or full coverage – whatever works for you. This will keep your face in place all day long whilst perfecting your skin. 

Blemish Prone: Those who find that they break out easily or who suffer from persistent acne are going to want to focus on finding a full coverage foundation to conceal any imperfections. To get that second skin look, choose a full coverage liquid product that will blend with your skin and make you look naturally gorgeous in moments. 

Shade Match 

Finding the right shade of foundation should not be done by swatches on your face or hands, instead, focus on your neck. The right tone of foundation is going to blend seamlessly when applied to your neck! Always check in natural light to be entirely confident in your shade of choice.

Follow this guide and you’ll find your foundation makeup match in absolutely no time!

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