Makeup From the 80s

Makeup From The 80s: How To Do It & More!

Welcome back to the 80s! Well, we have something new for you. You can guess what it is but don’t you want to know more about it? The fashion back then in the 1980s and present is very different. Boldness through makeup too had a different meaning. Now, you would like your makeup to be more subtle. But back then the more the prettier. You can never deny the fact that models or film stars back then were not pretty. The makeup might be in excess. They were still as mesmerizing and used to be held in high estimation. But nowadays, the 80s makeup is coming back up front. We will help you to understand the detailing of the makeup back then. And also, about the makeup trend too. So, keep scrolling to learn more about the makeup from the 80s.

80s Makeup Starter Pack

You can never go wrong with any of your makeup choices! You must remember this. The more confident you are about your choices but the better the outcome.

The makeup looks from the 80s showed how bold the fashion decision used to be. Rather than going for a nude collection, women used to opt for vigilant colors. The way women back then used to coat their makeup was definitely a part or start of boldness.

Let us take you with essentials for your 80s makeup starter pack –

makeup from the 80s

1. Foundation

Back in the 80s, the foundation is a must. You cannot start your makeup without it. The first question that arises is – “How to choose your foundation? “.

This is not so difficult. All you need to know is your exact skin tone. And then, choose the foundation as per. But what used to happen in the 80s is, women used to go for foundation two skin lighter than their own skin tone. Perhaps you can call it as a trick used back then!

How do you coat your foundation? Well, you apply two coats of it on your face. And then dap it on your skin. Do it until the foundation is finally set in your skin.

makeup from the 80s

2. Eyeshadow

The vibrancy of your eye shadow is the major touch of makeup from the 80s. You can select any color and pull it off.

Go through your eye shadow palette already and find the colors that you want to apply. Be it any color from orange to blue or purple as well. Apply it over your eyes and you will give a bold look from your eyes itself.

Fun fact: The trend for smoky eyes can be seen from back in the 80s itself. Christie Brinkley from the 1980s was seen with smoky eyes. And it was a trendsetter after her.

One more thing that you should be aware of is that overdoing your eyeshadow can never go wrong. Also, back in the 80s, matching your eyeshadow with your outfit was also a trend.

3. Eyeliner

It definitely depends on you how would you like to put your liner. But let’s take you back to the 80s. Back then, the eyeliner should have to be thick. Your upper eyelid has to be covered with dark liner.

The makeup from the 80s always had a touch of eyeliner. Without it, your makeup was half incomplete back then. Eyeliner did help to make the smoky eyes more prominent as well.

4. Mascara

When applying mascara, eyelashes need to grow out. The bigger the eyelashes, the brighter the eye makeup from the 80s. In the 80s, mascara was not only applied to the upper eyelashes but below too. This would make the women’s eyes look outgrown. And obviously, to add to it, you cannot go wrong with it again. That’s the fashion!

5. Eyebrows

The eyebrows play a very predominant role in the makeup from the 80s. Not a slick eyebrow would do. The women used to let their eyebrows grow naturally. Nothing to be done is always better than something done with it. You do know what it means, don’t you!

If the women used to draw their eyebrows, they used to darken the brows. Sharpen it towards the edges. With the eyebrow pencil, give it a bushier look. Rather than thinning the eyebrows, bushy ones make your eyes look prettier. You could have seen the very famous Madonna. The epitome of fashion and beauty from the 80s.

6. Blush

This is the most important element. You can also call it as the highlight of the makeup from the 80s. All the actresses, models, as well as the singers on big stage, would never go on stage without blushing. The glossy and shiny cheeks are a must to be said!

Applying pink blush makes the cheeks go red. Overdoing it is also fine. You can choose to apply it as much as you want until it satisfies you. The cheekbones look more prominent once a blush is applied. And the smile too looks rosy and brighter because of the blush.

Fun fact: Blush is a must for makeup from the 80s. Search for the prominent figures from the 80s. You will find out that each of the figurines from back then definitely has a blush over their cheeks. Making them look more girly and pretty by looks.

7. Lipstick

Red lipstick has been there forever. But the boldness of the red color over the lips ruled from the 80s. Every woman from the 80s had a red tint color in their makeup pouch.

But that is not the only color. Other than the bright red, even pink and peach colors ruled the lips of women. The highlight of the makeup from the 80s is the introduction of gloss lips. The royal figurine, Princess Diana had shown us how confidently she pulled off shiny glistening lips.

Figures to be remembered for 80s makeup

When you think of the 80s makeup, you do remember some very popular figures. They always won your heart. You cannot let go of them from your mind. These figures were the makeup trend settlers from back then. The boldness they carried, gave the women the power to try something out of the box.

Who are these figures? Do you know them at all? Well, you get your answers right away, once you go through these names. Probably you might not know some. But we will help you to get familiar with these names.

makeup from the 80s

1. Jane Fonda

This figurine has been ruling the heart since the 50s. But in the 80s, her makeup took a vibrant turn. She rocked the look and strung the hearts at the same time. She turned out to be a fitness fanatic in the 80s. And also, an inspiration for many. But her makeup always kept people on tip-toe. She pulled off the best lip colors and even peachy colors to orange as well.

makeup from the 80s

2. Diana Spencer

All of us know who Princess Diana is and how she’s related to the Royal Family, don’t we?  But to be honest, Princess Diana is the royalty in herself. Her beauty is known worldwide by every single human in this world. If not, such a disgrace.

Her makeup was almost nothing. But she wooed all by her highlighted cheeks with a pink blush. And her thin lips, which were covered with gloss are such a class.

3. Debbie Harry

The rock band’s member whom you must have heard of from the 80s. Her stunning looks had kept many eyes on her. She matched her makeup from the 80s with her outfit. Her blush as well as eyes would go just well blended with her attire. Debbie was a member of Blondie, and also a fashion and beauty icon for many.

Makeup From the 80s

4. Madonna

The famous “Queen of Pop”, is always top-notch. Starting from singing to her looks. Comments should not be passed. But her beauty will always be remembered throughout the ages. If someone is to ask the definition of makeup that was done during the 80s, then her name is to be taken. With the proper foundation, lip tints, cheeks filled with blush, and on-point brows. She did it all!

makeup from the 80s

5. Molly Ringwald

Featuring almost all of the movies, Molly Ringwald had been all over since the 80s. She made a stunning statement about her look back in the 80s. Do you want to know how? The red tint of her lipstick color made her look the prettiest. Though, she is still as stunning looking as she was back in the 80s.

Makeup From the 80s

Conclusive Thoughts

Makeup from the 80s impacts women’s boldness. Their nothing much about the beauty. But with the common starter pack for makeup, the icons turned makeup into the trend. If you are planning on trying on makeup from the 80s, you can always go for it. It’s the best way to dress up and put your makeup on for a retro party.

And we told you, you cannot go wrong with your makeup looks and skills when it comes to the 80s fashion. There’s no overdoing when it comes to the makeup look from back then. So, let us know if the blog was helpful to you or not. As we tried giving you important information on makeup from the 80s.


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