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Makeups give you that glossy and stunning face that you want when you outshine every single people but applying all those substances is one hectic process. If not done correctly, you can have rashes on your body and more serious troubles that you don’t even imagine ever. In this article, we will discuss the beauty hacks to take care while applying makeup in winter

Yeah, we know that it is a skincare tip. Still, even it can help you while applying makeup during winter since it is a fantastic way to earn a dewy, it will provide you a glowy complexion before also using a highlighter. Experts suggest investing a little extra time to get the natural glow of the skin while maintaining the neck’s tone too.

  • Moisturize Timely:

Hydration is undoubtedly essential, but Washington D.C. based makeup artist shared an additional hack: Be sure to moisturize when your skin is still damp after washing. He is of the view that enough time should be given to the surface to provide it the needed hydration. He further gave an example of products with vitamins C and E for enhanced gloss.

  • Keep Away from Powder Materials:

Makeup artists have often argued about how powder can make your skin tone appear dull. Instead, they recommend using concealers and moisturizing cream to bring about reflective color.  

  • Change the Primer:

Gomez approves utilizing an illuminated primer rather than a conventional matte one. With winter winds to think about, we’ll take any extra upgrade of glow we can get. Try the crystal skin hero VDL Lumilayer Primer or Flesh Beauty’s Illuminating Primer.

  • Stay With cream and liquid Foundation: 

The only thing terrible than flakes is when your foundation certainly highlights your flaky covering. Gomez recommends a foundation with a creamier base, which glides smoothly over the skin. We recommend any of these 17 foundations made for parched, thirsty covering. In contrast, a matte formula will get in the flakes and dry skin, thereby leading to an incomplete look. If you do not like your foundation too damp, you can always set it with powder to dial down the glow on your T-zone regions.

  • Stay with Liquid Highlighter: 

For getting a vast natural consequence, Barose approves involving a liquid highlighter with a dewy beauty blender sponge. On his star clients, he usually uses Giorgio Armani Beauty Fluid Sheer, a soft buff that is glow-boosting without the possible drying of a powder highlighter.

  • Don’t forget Moisturizing:

If you notice your covering getting parched all along the day, keep a facial mist close to mist on a portion of hydration. You should apply some steam water on to your face to allow moisture and makeup to settle properly into your skin. Anyone of these face mists will do the job.

  • Instead of Operating a Clarifying Cleanser, Exfoliate:

Our skin can suffer in the colder months, especially from the dry air, which can lead to breakouts. Your natural tendency may be to counteract with clarifying products, which can add to the problem by further drying your skin. Instead, opt for a hydrating exfoliating cleanser like Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser. This all-natural line is specifically designed to nourish, protect, and heal your skin, leaving it glowing and hydrated.

  • Instead of cream, use Oil to Moisturize:

During these cold, dry winter months, our skin needs all the hydrating opportunities it can get. Moisturizing creams can be hydrating, but are typically much more substantial when compared to oil, and can clog pores. Try using a fuel blended with essential oils — I love Marie Veronique Rejuvenating Face Oil because it’s thick and nourishing without leaving that oily finish other heavier oils can.

  • Instead of Foundation, Use Tinted Moisturizer:

There are tons of hydrating foundations out there. If you have one you love, keep it, but a lot of them can be on the heavier side. Instead, use a tinted moisturizer like Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer that will hydrate and brighten while giving you reliable coverage. Assign it with a brush, so the commodity goes on extra evenly.

  • Instead of a Stick, use Cream Concealers: 

Stick concealers are tough to use unless they’re warmed up, and this can cause your sensitive undereye area to stretch while you blend the product. Instead, go for a more soothing formula like YSL Touche Éclat Highlighter. It’s lightweight, creamy, and has excellent coverage.

  • Set Your Makeup With Hydrating Essential Oil Spray Over Powders:

Usually, I would recommend setting your makeup with a translucent powder to keep it in place, but when you’re dealing with sub-zero temps, try a hydrating essential oil mist like Laxmi Rose Water Regenerating Mist to protect your products. It will help lock in your look as well as sooth and moisturize, leaving you with a subtle, dewy glow.

  • Use Tinted Lip Balm instead of Lipstick to Moisturize:

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to tinted lip treatments, but a current favorite of mine is the Pop Beauty Pouty Pop Crayon Kit in Rose Romance. Apply these babies liberally, allowing them to soak into your lips, leaving them feeling soft and kissable. Lipsticks are more challenging to wear in the winter months because they tend to be more drying. Just because you cannot sport the colorful lipstick does not mean that you cannot apply lip balms. The tinted lip balms are readily available in the market, thereby aimed at helping you achieve the complete look.

Being a little considerate about your makeup during winters can be a significant boost to your skin and lips. You should ensure to do thorough research about the tips and tricks you can follow during winters to keep yourself glowing.

Whether you are using all of these hacks as one or taking the ones that ring true to you, they are sure to help get you and your skin through the parched, dull covering challenges still feeling beautiful and glowing! So hope you enjoyed these fantastic beauty hacks, which we enlisted in this list. These were some of the beauty hacks that you should take care of while applying makeup during winter.

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