Must try food to fight acne and oiliness
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Must try food to fight acne and oiliness

After a certain age, all of us become prone to unhealthy skin. By unhealthy skin, it isn't meant drooping and dirty skin but something that will harm your beauty regime. Well, everyone yearns for that beautiful skin and it is only possible if you take proper care of it.

People spend over millions of dollars around the year just to get that clear skin. One of the main reasons why people cannot get clear skin is the outbreak of ache. Skin is the main medium through which our body communicates with us. Being the largest organ of our body, skin demands our attention. Several foods can play an important role in determining how we take care of our skin.

What is acne?

The outbreak of acne has been a major problem for most of the teenagers and adults. This skin condition causes bumps on the surface of the skin. It is mostly due to the hormonal disturbances that acne occurs in the skin. Teens hitting puberty are the most prone to acne.

Face, neck, shoulders, and back are some of the most common sites for acne breakout. Although acne fades without treatment, it is still suggested to take proper care of it. It is very unlikely for the acne to turn out to something serious, but it can leave scars on the skin and be one of the main reasons for emotional stress.

Doctors may prescribe medicines or any over-the-counter treatment to get rid of acne.

What causes acne?

To understand how the body works, it is necessary to understand what leads to acne development. Acne forms on the skin when pores get clogged up with excess oil, dead skin cells, and even pollution. The hormonal glands often produce excessive oil during puberty. This eventually increases the risk of ranking.

Acne is usually of three types: whitehead, blackhead, and simple pimple.

Can diet affect acne?

The right diet can play an important role in curbing down acne even when it fades. Foods that increase blood sugar levels can make you more prone to acne because it increases oil production in the skin. Foods such as sugar, white rice, white bread can increase the blood sugar level.

You need to control your sweet tooth because excessive chocolate consumption can be harmful to your acne. The high-glycemic carbohydrates can further prove to be harmful to the body. Western diet can, however, lead to inflammation which further increases the risk of acne.

If you are starting up with your diet, you need to be careful while customising it to ensure it does not cause much problem. Complex carbohydrates can help curb down the blood-sugar level and eventually acne.

What foods can lower the risk of acne?

As stated above, diet can play an important role in curbing down acne, you must know which foods would help. Before bringing about any changes in your diet, you should prefer consulting your doctor. However, some of the prominent foods you should be consuming to give up on acne include the following

  • Kale

Kale is one of the most prominent members of the cabbage family that consists of all essential nutrients. Kale is extremely low in calories and high in fiber-containing nutrients such as copper, potassium, calcium, vitamin A, B-6, K, and C.

The antioxidants of kale play an important role in lowering hyperpigmentation. This helps to even the skin tone. The presence of vitamin C in Kale also helps to improve the collagen production of the body. This is helpful to prevent the build-up of scars due to acne. You can either kale in your salad or consume it in the form of a smoothie every morning.

  • Lemon

Fresh lemon acts as a natural astringent, which contributes towards tightening the skin and remove all the blemishes. You should consume lemon rather than applying it topically. Topically applying lemon juice directly on the acne can lead to skin damage. This would eventually lighten the skin too much or darken it.

You can prepare a serum out of lemon juice using water. Apart from that, lemon can be squeezed upon salad and consumed as well. Within a short period, lemon can contribute towards enhancing the magic on the skin. It is usually due to the protective and anticarcinogenic impact. Lemon can block free radicals thereby preventing the breakout of acne.

  • Papaya

The digestive enzyme, papain in papaya can help remove acne from the skin. It is also helpful for removing the dead skin. Papaya consumption can make the skin hydrated thereby preventing any such breakout.

You can include papaya in your salad, sorbet or smoothie. Moreover, you can also prepare a papaya skin mask thereby brightening and rejuvenating the entire working.

  • Salmon

Salmon is one of the best sources for omega-3 fatty acids. The omega-3 fatty acids help remove sun damage and protect you from developing skin cancer. Often our skin is prone to brown spots due to sun exposure. This can, however, be removed if you have been consuming salmon regularly.

Salmon is rich in antioxidants, selenium, and potassium. You can always add salmon to your meals for enhanced impact. Nonetheless, being careful with salmon consumption is necessary. Apart from salmon, you can also try out some fishes such as mackerel, sardines, and anchovies.

  • Quinoa

Quinoa undoubtedly is one of the best foods. It contains a sufficient amount of fiber helpful in preventing constipation. Most people are prone to skin problems because they have pooping issues. Pooping regularly in proper schedules can help to remove all the toxins from the body. Toxin removal can, however, help get rid of acne and dark spots.

  • Berries

Who doesn't love berries such as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and all others? Irrespective of their size, each of them is equally helpful. Berries are loaded with vitamin C and all essential antioxidants that can help remove acne and other skin disorders.

The vitamin C component of berries can help prevent blotchy skin and fight against dark spots.

These foods are scientifically proven to remove acne and enhance skin health. Nonetheless, there is no sure treatment for acne. Apart from following a proper diet, it is also necessary to maintain a proper skincare routine.