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Discover the Best Stag Party Destinations in Europe

Stag party organizers will tell you that “best” is not the word you get from random streets. You must live it and talk it to know it. To make sure the groom and his closet mates are well taken care of, a ton of research must be conducted on the preferences, cost, transport specifics, drinks, and all that make a stag do be called a wild party.

Research has shown that there are plenty of places and cities across Europe, which are ideal spots for a stag do. This article will focus on the best alternatives that are there for stag doers and the possible destinations where organizers are likely to book you in.

Sadly, stag planners and booking companies have reported a slump in the number of recent bookings. They attribute this change to young millennials, whom they argue have changed priorities prior to weddings. One change they all agree on is the fact that most people nowadays get married to older ages than previous times, one research averaged this age at 32 years. From the average of 24 years earlier on. According to them, the age changes make people choose gym classes, baking classes, fitness lessons, etc.

If you are familiar with stag parties, then you are aware that these parties range from light to wild, so if we are looking for prospective destinations in Europe where you and your entourage will most likely enjoy each second, make sure to get an entertainment specialist to make it worthwhile. Therefore, while analyzing these joints, much detail has to be put to make sure no disappointment comes forth.

So, let us get into it.

  • Prague in the Czech Republic.

Many stags do goers approve this as the ultimate spot for your outing.

Prague is an ancient city in the Czech Republic where most people take pride in their original culture and tastes, in a country with the middle-level economy one must wonder how and why this is a popular destination for the most stag do goers, whom by the way come from as far as the united states. Maybe it is for culture and tourism, but all you have to take in is the fact that you will be home away from home.

This is not really the main reason why it is preferred, many who have gone down there come back marveling at how the price of beverages is ridiculously low there. For instance, the cost of two pints of beer in Berlin or Amsterdam or London, by extension, has an equivalent utility of ten pints of beer in Prague. Yes, ten. This is very well enough for you to be off the bridge hammered.

Prague has an overly crazy nightlife, take a stroll there, and you would not regret it, they are a night with frenzy, flooded with beautiful girls especially the stripper clubs down there, though precaution is in order, do not take street girls and put all your trust in them.

For its popularity, you expect thousands of stag party goers flock this city every day to taste all its provisions. This, however, has a downside, many of those who visit here for a stag do’s are Brits, and their behavior with the locals don’t speak much of praise. Implying that Czechs really do not like Brits for their behavior, all though, if you treat them nicely, they reciprocate.

  • Hamburg, Germany.

This old German city is fabulous. Still, compared to Prague, it is a little expensive prompting to carry a few extra euros for your stag do.

It has got some very unique activities just for the city, like, beer biking; is this dangerous? No, it is wild and fun! You could also go for a party boat or stroll around St Pauli through the Red Light District.

According to one goer, the beer there is heavenly; this means that as much as Hamburg being pricey compared to other European towns, it offers quality for your every euro spent on a stag do.

Stag do doers here may have a few things in mind, such as getting wild or even thinking of hiring Female strippergrams. Well, there are no restrictions, especially in the famous town of Reeperbahn. This town carries most of Hamburg’s strip clubs. This is where most stags do goers land. Prinzenbar is also a decent spot in the city with funky bars.

Girls in Hamburg are very classy, not so much easy going, and you might encounter problems with approaching them. Still, they are nice people and friendly, provided you’re not aggressive.

  • Budapest, Hungary.

This Hungarian town is more or less like Prague.

Crazy nightlife activities depending on which part of town and bar you decide to visit, take-care-of-yourself strip clubs, where you have to be extra watchful of the people who will constantly try to rip you off. Also, Budapest girls are inviting and very approachable.

Budapest is slightly cheaper than Prague; hence, you are likely to save a few euros. Caution, though, alcohol in this country, especially spirits are too heavy. You might want to watch your levels, don’t go experimenting.

Finally, Budapest has open public hot springs also available in hotels, so if you are heavily hangovered in the morning, which means you really had a boastful night, you can opt to take a hot swim to sober up.

  • Berlin, Germany.

Have you ever rode a tank? If no, then plan for a stag do trip to berlin. The city is very diverse with a buzzing nightlife and eventful daytimes

The city boasts of multi-cultures, so expect to be impressed. However, Berlin is a little expensive, although the quality is not a compromise here.

  • Krakow, Poland.


This polish town is a good substitute for Budapest and Prague because it is relatively cheap.

It, however, does not boast itself to offering quality. Fewer people come here, but it is fast growing to become one of the busiest stag do destinations in the future.

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Amsterdam is a very popular stag do destination. The city offers a variety of unique activities, all related to drinking, strip shows, and drugs for recreational purposes.

Dutch alcohol, according to one stag doer, is unique and has good taste, although everything there is expensive. Except maybe your flight.

The Bottom Line

This article only highlights several cities, which are good alternative to London when it comes to stag do parties. Just to list a few more, Tallinn, Estonia, Barcelona, Spain, Riga, Latvia, and Bratislava, Slovakia.

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