How to Throw a Memorable Wedding Party
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How to Throw a Memorable Wedding Party

The second best thing you can hear at your wedding, right after “I do” is your guests telling you how much fun they’ve had celebrating your love. After spending months planning your big day feedback like this can really make the best day even better.

While the wedding is all about the bride and groom, throwing a perfect wedding means catering to the guests as well. After all, they are also here to celebrate your love and devotion. Therefore, it doesn’t hurt to show them how much you appreciate them being here. You can be sure they’ll be spending the next few days, months or even years telling stories of how epic the wedding was.

So how do you make your wedding stand out from the rest of the formulaic, traditional wedding ceremonies?

The answer is simple! Make the wedding your own. Don’t be afraid to step out of the confines of the norm, replace old traditions with new ones and make it personal. It’s even easier than it sounds. Here are a few tips for throwing an unforgettable wedding:

Out with the Old, in with the New

One thing that can really undermine your wedding is blindly following every wedding tradition there is, just so you meet someone’s expectations. If you want to truly make the wedding your own, you are free to throw some of the traditions out. Obviously, not the legal ones, but things like music, invitations, and other traditions can be changed for something fresh.

For example, you can have the wedding march played in jazz, EDM or metal style, whichever you prefer. Remember that in the nutshell, the wedding ceremony is a party and you can throw a party any way you like.

The same goes for invitations. You don’t have to send out the traditional ones. Instead, why not send out temporary tattoos which your guests have to wear at the reception. Temporary tattoos are picture perfect and very shareable, guaranteed to make your wedding go viral. You can design your own wedding logo and have your guests tattoo it. You can learn more about designing a memorable wedding tattoo here:

Photo Booths and Viral Weddings

People love sharing photos on the social media. Just look at how many selfies are made during any wedding ceremony. Why not use this to your advantage? Set up a photo booth for your guests to easily take pictures and have fun doing it. There are a lot of advanced photo booths that can send the pictures via email or can be used to share on social media instantly. You can even make your own hashtag for the guests to make viral.

Don’t Save on Important Things

A fun wedding does not have to be expensive, only creative. However, there are some essentials you shouldn’t get stingy with and these are food, drinks, and music. All of these are essential parts of any good wedding. However, you are free to be creative when making these decisions. Take the time to come up with a menu that has some unusual dishes, but make sure it caters to everyone’s taste. As for the music, you can go with a band, DJ or both. Why not have two stages like at your favorite festival. That way everyone can listen to the music they enjoy.

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