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How to Effortlessly Choose your Wedding Party Favors?

Whether you are planning a lavish wedding or a simple, cozy marriage, handing out those small tokens of love to your near and dear ones, hold utmost significance. Your guests have taken time out from their busy schedules, traveled far and wide, just to be with the both of you and celebrate your union. A cute wedding favor will reflect your appreciation and gratefulness towards your guests. So, while you focus on your outfits, makeup, photography, decorations, etc., do not forget to choose something unique and special for your wedding guests and your Wedding Party Favors.

If you are looking for some inspiration, this is definitely the right place. We have talked to multiple brides and grooms, got to know from their first-hand experiences, done all the hard work on your behalf, and here we are, presenting some hacks and tips to choose wedding party favors effortlessly.

Want to Choose the Perfect Gift for your Guests? Let us help!

Pick up something that goes well with your wedding theme

Remember that the gifts which match your wedding theme definitely stand out. Suppose your wedding theme is Thailand; you will love to hand out mini bottles of Sriracha. On the other hand, a Paris-themed wedding should offer a box of macarons or a French chocolate bar as favors. Do not opt for anything which looks contrary to your theme.

Presentation matters!

A well-presented gift will win hearts, and hence, it is necessary to focus on the presentation of your party favors. Even the small, tiny-winy favors, when packed and presented well, go a long way in creating robust impacts. For instance, you can use a label of “Mint to be” along with your details and add it to the mint tins. This will not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your gifts but, at the same time, will add a dash of personalization and creativity to the favors.

Choose something useful

Choose something useful

At the end of the day, both of you want your guests to accept those gifts happily, without any sense of formality. So, hand out something which can be of great use to your guests. There are so many options to choose from, such as edible /foodie treats, lavender bags for wardrobes, sophisticated bottle openers, wine glass sets, customized matchboxes, and so on.

Add a personal touch.

your Wedding Party Favors

Choose a bar of chocolate that both of you love indulging in and hand out a box full of them to your wedding guests. Or opt for any decorative showpiece and add a tag that contains your special date, your names, and a sign of love, such as the heart, or maybe a cupid with an arrow. The idea is to add the essence of love to those beautiful favors that will remind your guests about you two.  

Fix a budget and adhere to it

your Wedding Party Favors

Set a limit on your wedding favor expenses. There are a plethora of options out there, and it is quite easy to get swayed away by the cuteness and charm of those pretty little gifts. Calculate your budget and decide upon the number of gifts you want to buy. Do not forget to ask for discounts, as you will be buying these gifts in bulk.

In a nutshell

As a couple, it is completely your call as to which type of return gifts do you wish to hand out to your guests. But once you sit down to decide about the favors, loads of ideas will come buzzing to your mind, and it is quite easy to get puzzled and confused. Use these tips and hacks to choose gifts that can melt your guests’ hearts and make them go “awwww..” Do not forget to add loads of mush and go creative with the return gifts. Your guests will definitely remember your wedding celebrations even when the hustle-bustle subsides.


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