Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her
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Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her- See What to Buy for Your Partner

Do you have your anniversary a couple of weeks from now, and need some help picking a gift? Well, you have come to the right place because we can solve your problem. As you read further in this article, you will find a list of wedding anniversary gifts that are modern, thoughtful, and is sure to bring a smile to her face immediately. Also, most of the gifts that you will read about will last for months at a stretch. So, every time she looks at it, it is sure that the love between you both will increase a bit more.

Wedding anniversary gifts for wife

Here is a list of a few of the most modern and contemporary ideas for wedding anniversary gifts for 2020.

ring dish

Customized gifts always get a few more brownie points than the rest, and so a ring dish is a great idea. First of all, it is extremely thoughtful of how you want her to keep your wedding ring safe. Plus, a dish with the first letters of both of your names makes it even more special. Get something in white and gold for that classic touch. Also, make sure that the ring dish you choose suits your bathroom décor well to find a place there.

Remote Controlled Vibrator
What a great time to spice up your love life than during your wedding anniversary. If you are looking for something that will both surprise your partner and satisfy her, leaving her wanting more. Then you must try out the latest toy from Lovense - The Lush 3 remote controlled vibrator. You and your partner will reignite the spark in your relationship by introducing a new toy that can be used for public play, as well as to be controlled from anywhere in the world via the app. Imagine being able to please your partner while you are away on a long business trip.

Lyrics art

Well, gifting music to your wife is one of the most thoughtful gestures ever. Also, music lasts forever, and so will these precious wedding anniversary gifts. Besides, here we are not talking about just any other piece of music. You are going to remind her about your first dance with her. What is better to gift your wife this anniversary than reminding her of that special day when you both became man and wife. So, get yourself a picture with the sound waves and lyrics of that first dance you both did on your wedding day. How amazing does that sound?

Caviar and cocktail chocolates

As mentioned earlier, there is nothing better than thoughtful customized gifts and this one is one of the best for sure. Get a tray full of assorted chocolates in different shapes and sizes. Get chocolate curved in the shape of all that she likes. For example, a glass of wine, caviar, martinis, champagne, or her favorite cocktail. Just get it all in the form of chocolates, because who does not love that. You can make it even more special by adding the flavors of the objects to the respective chocolate models. For example, an infused red wine chocolate to represent the same. It is going to be one of the best wedding anniversary gifts ever.

A romantic journal

Who writes letters nowadays, right? However, hand-written letters are the sweetest things that still retain their charm. In this world of digital media, a hand-written note brings back that essence of pure love. Besides, it shows your effort and honesty. So, a romantic journal sounds like one of the most ideal wedding anniversary gifts for wife. Also, you are giving her not just one but a journal full of notes that she can cherish forever. Now that is another good part about hand-written notes, they are nothing short of assets. You can take time to create beautiful notes about all the reasons why you love her. It is sure to keep her charmed till the next anniversary straight!

Anniversary pillow

Is your partner fond of home décor? Then this one is the perfect choice for the woman. Imagine how she is managing your home to be the perfect place for years at a stretch. So, why not keep something in front of her eyes that reminds her of your love every time? Yes, an anniversary pillow is a very thoughtful gift for her. It is not just any home decoration, but an accessory that bears a very special date. It is that day when you both were announced man and wife for life. Besides, it is a way of appreciating all the work she does to make that house a perfect place for you and the entire family. Nowadays, such pillows are also available with sequins that bring quite a bling to your living room. She is going to love it for sure!

Custom photo frame

Again, adding a personal touch to any gift makes it a hundred times more special, and here is yet another example. A custom photo frame is something that your wife is going to fall in love with. However, you need to choose the medium and canvas first. You can go for a picture of you both or simply get a beautiful painting of something special for both of you. One of the best ideas is to get a digital photo of you both printed on a wooden pallet. Now the task ahead is choosing the most suitable photograph. Well, what can be better than a shot from your wedding day? Get that picture in which she smiles the most and tell her that you want to seal that happiness forever!

Glass set

Is she fond of collecting glassware because we have a brilliant idea here? You can give her a set of seamless glasses and a custom decanter for her already fantastic glassware collection. By a custom decanter, we mean that you can get the initials of both your names hollogrammed on the decanter’s cork. Along with that, a pair of seamless glasses in asymmetrical shapes and sizes makes for the most contemporary accessory. Now that is something modern for the 2020 couple!

Milestone vase

Another entry to the home décor section, but this one comes with a huge twist. A great combination of chic meets pretty, this is a custom vase cut out of an old champagne bottle. The best is if you can still have the champagne bottle from your wedding reception day. Now get the wedding date and the first name of you both as watermarks on that same bottle-vase. Imagine what a beauty it is going to be. Also, it is an excellent accessory for your living room!

So, these are some of the best wedding anniversary gifts for your special day that is due in a couple of weeks.