How to Make Up for Beginners
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How to Make Up for Beginners Step by Step Guidance

Makeup is the favorite word for women. However, these days’ even men are giving equal importance to the glamour and look like women. There are many makeup products that you can get in the market. You can buy the best ones to make up at home to cover the imperfections. It transforms and makes you look the whole new. But do you wonder how to make up for beginners? As not everyone is an expert in doing the makeup.

When you look beautiful, it boosts your confidence level and carries yourself the best whenever you go. When it is about makeup, applying in the right way would bring a lot of difference. You must use the product in the right direction, without which the whole look changes. By using the makeup product, immaculately, will help you look the way you want. You can stand out from the rest in the crowd. You can also reap most of the makeup.

How to make up for beginners

Here is how you can apply the makeup right at your home to get a flawless look. No one can even believe that you do it. It looks professional.


Any more questions on how to do makeup at home? The best way to start the makeup is to use the moisturizer. You must buy the best brand moisturizer that suits your skin. It is a big deal to choose the right one.

However, you must try the best ones and stick to the one that suits you the most. You can get from the lighter to heavier ones. These are available in the form of face mists, creams, lotions, and oils.

The biggest challenge comes when you are applying the moisturizer. You must pour the moisturizer on your fingers. Initially, you must start to spread from the forehead and slowly move to the center of the face and then massage up and down. You must reach the nose and spread the cream on the cheeks.

The moisturizer should be evenly applied throughout the facial skin to clogging of the pores at bay. Rub the moisturizer to create circles and leave the cream to dry.


The moisturized skin is ready for the primer. If you want to use foundation or apply complete makeup to the face, you must use a primer. When you use the primer, it makes the makeup to last throughout the day. These are the gels and creams that cover the pores on the face and uneven textures.

You must take some primer on your fingers, or else you can use the makeup brush that you get for primer and apply it to the forehead, cheeks, chin, and the center of the face. For sensitive skin, there are special primers available. You can use eye shadow around the eyelids that are oily.

Liquid foundation

You no more have to question of how to make up for beginners? Here is the answer for you.

You must select the right foundation that suits your skin tone. Choosing the right one will bring a sea of difference in your look. You can test the foundation by applying it to the jawline. After you use the foundation, it disappears, and then it is a perfect match for you. You can take this foundation on your fingertips or use the brush.

You must start applying from the center of the face and spread across. Buff the foundation on the skin. Few women will use a sponge to get the foundation into the fine lines and creases.


You can get the concealer in the liquid form or a stick. You can use the liquid one to have light coverage on the skin. It gives a light finishing, especially in the places where there are wrinkles like around the eyes and mouth. You can use the stick concealer to cover the defects in smaller areas of the face.

You must buy the concealer that is in two different shades. One is similar to your skin color and covers the pimples and dark spots, and the other is lighter to your skin tone. It highlights beautiful areas of the face. You must apply the concealer beneath the eyes and problem areas.

Foundation powder

The powder foundation is tricky to apply. You must first buy a fluffy powder brush to dust the powder across the face. Try to press the bristles and sweep the powder to the skin. If a few areas need proper coverage, apply more powder. The powder would get into the pores and lines and give a smooth texture.


Everyone wants their cheeks to glow and get highlighted. You can take the makeup to the next level by adding vibrancy using blush. You must use the dedicated brush to apply blush. There is a color that decides where all you can apply the blush. For example, the pink blush allows you to apply to the cheeks.

Eye shadow

You can get colorful hues of eye shadows. Also, you can get a lighter or darker shade based on the eye shadow color you choose.

You must use the eye shadow brush and dip in the lighter shade and apply this across the lid. Moreover, you must begin from the lash line and end until the crease of the eyelid. This you can do at home. It is the best answer for how to do makeup at home.


You must use the liquid eyeliner that is dipped in the brush and apply around the eye and then make it thick to the outer corner. It is best to choose a gel eyeliner to get an appealing look.


You can apply mascara to make the eyes look brighter. It can be available in a wide range of colors. You must curl the eyelash curler. After curling, you must use the mascara. You must wriggle to the roots of the lashes to make the lashes look voluminous.

Lip gloss

You must prepare the lips that are cracked. For that, you must scrub and remove the dead skin. Use the lip moisturizer to soften the lips and use the lip balm. You must not pull the lips. Start to apply the lip gloss from the center and make sure that it reaches every corner of the lips.

Hope by now you might have gained some knowledge on how to make up for beginners. Try out immediately to see a new you.

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