Psychology facts about love that you must know before marriage

Psychology facts about love that you must know before marriage

Love is unconditional, and it is available everywhere in abundance. Having the heart to embrace it is the most important thing. It is pretty easier for two people to fall in love, but the challenge lies in maintaining. Psychology facts about love have been discussed from golden ages.

The hearts that bond together as a sapling should learn to nurture it well throughout their life to see each other grow. Love is certainly a fantastic feeling, and being head over heels on someone can make you feel like you are on cloud nine.

Knowing the psychology facts about crushes would happen during the courtship but, understanding the facts on love can be challenging. As the phase of courtship ends and transforms into marriage, a lot of things change.

In this article, we have tried covering a few psychological facts about love, the most beautiful and the most happening emotion. Gathering all the facts about love before getting married to someone can be exciting.

Psychology facts about love that you must know

Love changes with time The feeling of butterflies in your stomach, the sudden rush of adrenaline when you see your loved ones would only last for a year. This can be considered as a period of infatuation and one of the psychology facts about crushes.

The happy hormones in your body would be oozing out, and you will be in your fantasy world with every single touch of your partner. But, over some time, these things and that occur because of the increased levels of neurotrophin protein.

Your priorities start to change.

Flirting is pretty common to everyone. As you start developing feelings towards someone and want to have a committed relationship with them everything about you starts to change. Things that you once really wanted to would end up taking a back seat. The things that you never thought of doing would start coming into the foreground. The intention of getting into a committed relationship changes the entire dynamics of life.

Food starts to taste different

There is a lot of researches that has revealed how the same food tasted different for people with different emotions. The ones who were in love found the same food sweet, while the others that had other emotions felt it to be bland and neutral.

Did you know about the ‘Vein of Love’?

If you look at the name closely, it is called the ring finger for a reason.

There is a vein in the body called the ‘vena amoris’ which connects the heart and this finger. The practice of wearing the wedding and engagement rings on that finger was followed strictly by Greeks from a very ancient time.

Love can create commotions

Every other symbol related to love can arouse a sense of desire in humans. All those symbols related to love are known to be born out of chaos. Therefore, love can create a lot of disturbances and chaos in one’s lives, and this one of the psychological facts about love.

Love has its roots from Sanskrit

Most of the English words are derived from Greek and Latin usually. But, in the case of the word ‘Love,’ it is derived from the ancient Indian scripture Sanskrit. The word ‘Lubhyati’ in Sanskrit means desire, and love has its origin from this word.

Love easily happens in an adventurous situation

A lot of researches has also revealed how love is easier to happen during some adventure. Finding your love happens easily like trekking, hiking, or any other dangerous situations quicker than the mundane places.

Power and money attracts a woman quickly

Men that look muscular can easily find attractive female partners. A woman always expects her man to have great looks. Apart from this, she would want to spend her life with someone who is well-educated and has a great sense of humor. A man with power, status, and respect in society is more likely to land in love quickly.

Slow and steady is the best mantra

Divorces occur between couples who have Hollywood fantasies. When everything they do resembles a movie, they end up ending the relationship pretty quickly too. These relationships are no lesser than a fling. Hence, spending an ample amount of time with each other with respect and love during courtship can result in beautiful and lifelong marriages.

Love is experienced differently by both the genders

When it comes to experiencing love, women can talk it out openly to their partners about their feelings. They love to have long conversations looking into the eyes of their loved ones. They feel more comfortable and secure when they express love like this. On the other hand, men like it to tease and have fun with their partners. They love it more when the opposite gender flares up with agitation. They also experience high emotions when they sit next to each other or work together in the kitchen or anywhere else.

Love acts as a natural make-up

People that are in love usually develop glowing skin. Love is a positive emotion, and once you start feeling good inside, the reflection is on the face. Love can easily calm down all the nerves and provide a healing effect on the body and soul. The eyes would become brighter, and the grins are frequent when two people fall in love. Isn’t this one of the interesting psychological facts about love?

The law of Newton seldom fails when it comes to love

Opposites attract a famous law in Physics. But, when it comes to love, this rule fails miserably. Two people that are like-minded and possess similar levels of intelligence and attractiveness are likely to fall in love with each other usually. The process of the Matching Hypothesis reveals how people choose their partners.

Red can attract love quickly

This is one of the major reasons for girls to wear red when they step out with their loved ones. Red is one such color that can arouse love in the opposite sex instantly. A lot of researches is still happening to know the actual reasons. An average-looking woman dressed in red is usually approached by men than an attractive woman dressed in any other color.

Well, these are some of the psychology facts about love related to love that is worth knowing before the wedding. Love is a strange but beautiful emotion. The one who experiences it would know how it feels.

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