Plan the Perfect Outdoor Wilderness Wedding

How to Plan the Perfect Outdoor Wilderness Wedding

Everyone has a different idea about what their ideal wedding might be like. If you have one theme in mind when you are young, that may change as you get older. It seems like our generation has gravitated toward more do it yourself, or experience based weddings. Many couples these days tend to look to their favorite hobbies or interests when it comes to planning their big day. If you’re like me, that means nature, the wilderness, and a good old outdoor wedding. There are so many ways to incorporate these themes into any wedding but some go above and beyond. Before you get started on the planning, you may want to think about a few things.

Agree on the Direction

Although the bride may take the lead in many parts of planning a wedding, it is important that the direction of the theme is agreed upon by both parties, very early on. You would not want your significant other to be upset when they find out you went for it with a style they may not be that into. Just because you have already agreed on an outdoor wedding, or even the venue, doesn’t mean that you are always on the same page. Maybe you want to camp, and he wants to sleep in cabins, or even an RV. These types of decisions need to be made upfront so you can move forward with all the other planning involved. Make sure you take the time to set the budget at this point as well so that you don’t risk overspending because you never had the conversation.

Pick a Venue

Fortunately, with this type of wedding, there are a million places to choose from, it just depends on what you are looking for. There are options with more well-kept, landscaped properties, and there are remote locations you might have to hike to access. Most people opt for something in between those two options. It is important to this about all the parts of the wedding before committing to anywhere. You will have to make sure there is enough room for a ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, and accommodations. Keeping all this in mind can be tough but it would be even worse if you booked somewhere just to find out it was too cramped later on. Save yourself a headache and think about all the activities before committing to a place.

Make Sure There Is Room for Everyone

One of the most important things to consider when hosting a wilderness wedding, is that there must be somewhere for everyone to stay should they need it. If you are renting cabins or hotels make sure to visit Patagonia to get yourself a few extra tents for last minute guests or miscalculated booking. If your accommodations are offsite from where the wedding is you also want to be sure you consider travel options and perhaps organize a shuttle to and from the venue. One of the best options is to have campsites, this is affordable and convenient as well.

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