Event Planning – Essential Tips to Organise a Wedding

Many Australian couples plan their own wedding reception in a bid to keep costs down and with an agreed budget, they set out to plan what will surely be a memorable day. In this short article, we offer a few tips to help you organise the ultimate wedding reception.

  • Make good use of available technology – Whether ordering a marquee or bespoke tailored suits, you can arrange most things via the World Wide Web; create a Google calendar and start adding information about vendors and every time you log in, you can see exactly where you stand. Google is great for sourcing services and in no time, you will have a list of local vendors/suppliers to provide you with what the reception needs. 
  • Choose the right venue – Whether Sydney or Melbourne, there are some spectacular venues that are geared up for outdoor weddings. Such a venue has you covered in every respect, with parking, full bar facilities, overnight accommodation, a choice of large meeting rooms and outdoor areas that are suitable for a wedding party.
  • Setting your date –Of course, this is the first thing you would do once you decide to tie the knot. The date is all-important, as it is required for the invitations and choosing the venue; the more notice you give your guests, the better. The summer is obviously the high season for weddings, so make sure you book asap if you are planning a New Year wedding. Here are a few great gift ideas for the bride.
  • Alcohol – You have 3 choices when it comes to the bar at your wedding reception; you can a) settle the bill in the morning, b) you can set aside an amount to cover drinks and when that is done, guests pay for their own drinks, or c) guests pay from the outset. People understand the high cost of getting married and no one is going to complain if they have to buy their own drinks. Whatever you decide, you should include this information in the invitation, so everyone knows the score.
  • Hiring a videographer/photographer – This is your special day and there are no re-takes with a wedding; search online for a leading wedding photographer/videographer in Sydney or Melbourne and check out their portfolios. A good wedding photographer would insist on meeting the client in advance, in order to get a feel of the theme the client is looking for.
  • Entertainment – Some couples prefer using a local DJ, who can compile playlists from your favourites (and your guests), while others hire a live band, with perhaps a comedian at the halfway stage. The choice is yours, of course; we feel that live music reaches people deeper than pre-recorded.

Once you have booked your venue and arranged everything, you and your partner can relax and get ready for what will surely be a very memorable day that you will both cherish forever.

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