Wedding In Newport Beach

Tips For Planning Your Wedding In Newport Beach

One of the most terrific events in a person’s life is getting married. It’s estimated that 6,200 weddings take place daily in the United States. Couples arrange their weddings by often traveling to romantic and beautiful destinations to make long-lasting memories.

One of these destinations is located in California’s Orange Country, particularly the well-known Newport Beach. This town isn’t just famous for surfing and other beach-related attractions but also for its scenic wedding venues. If you are planning your wedding in Newport Beach, here are some simple tips for your know-how. Follow our below-mentioned suggestions to make your wedding reception as memorable as possible so that you may cherish these moments later on:

  • Consider wedding planners

Getting a wedding planner can make the reception go smoothly. Moreover, it’s always better to hire professionals when you’re organizing a special event in another city. Newport Beach has many good wedding planners, and a simple Google search will suffice for you. Collect some names and read online reviews about them. Then you can choose a wedding planner you’re comfortable with so you may enjoy your big day properly. But if you insist on planning it yourself, just continue reading!

  • Get wedding flowers

Contact local florists to decorate the venue for your wedding ceremony and reception. The flower collection for the event should be decided based on the current weather. You should find what kind of flower arrangements Newport Beach CA has to offer and choose a collection based on the month of your marriage. Different flowers complement different seasons, and a decent florist can help you find the right combination. Check Orange Country’s average temperature before choosing flowers.

  • Decide your budget

When getting married in Newport Beach, you must set your budget carefully. Evaluate how much money you can spend on the ceremony and allocate different portions to the many parts of the wedding you’ve planned. Now, here’s what you need to know to create a realistic budget:

  • How many guests are arriving?
  • What sort of decorations do you want?
  • Which dishes will you serve your guests?
  • Book your venue

You should begin to scout locations and explore destinations in Newport Beach. Choosing a decent wedding venue can make the ceremony dreamlike. We can just give a list of possible venues we’ve found on The Knot website. So, visit these places, get a quote, and decide what you want.

  • Choose your caterer

Orange County doesn’t have a lack of good caterers, and you have to find a well-reviewed caterer to make your wedding a success. For instance, you can try Taylor Made Cuisine as your caterer for the reception or Iron Catering Crew. A quick search on Google Maps shall help you decide quickly.

  • Plan it realistically

Experts believe that most women start to plan their weddings when they’re 13. However, not every wedding can be a fairytale, and most people must make several compromises. So, you should plan it realistically to cut costs and keep things light for your limited budget. Remember that it isn’t about planning the most lavish reception Newport Beach residents have ever seen. Instead, it’s just about making the event a happy occasion for yourself and your loved ones. So, be moderate.

  • Pick the date

Picking the date is important because you need time to organize everything. Picking a longer date gives you more time to plan everything. For instance, when it comes to Newport Beach, most couples prefer either May/June or September/October to get married. Every place has its set of best months for a wedding reception. Also, you need to consider other family members and their upcoming events while picking a date. Ensure your date is also comfortable for your friends.

  • Accept many suggestions

It’s your big day, but there’s nothing wrong with letting your pals give you a few suggestions. You can rely on your family and friends – best men and bridesmaids – to share their wonderful ideas. Also, if someone in your sphere was married in Newport Beach or attended a wedding ceremony here, they are the right person to give you a piece of advice. Maybe, that person can show you a better way to make your Orange Country wedding more comfortable, affordable, and heavily convenient too.

  • Leverage tech tools

Not all guests will be able to arrive for your big day, but you can easily utilize tech tools to make the event as inclusive as possible. Apart from booking a wedding venue online and learning about flower arrangements digitally, here’s how the internet can help brides and grooms plan their weddings:

  • Pinterest can help you find ideas for a wedding dress
  • You can send wedding invitations via Facebook and WhatsApp
  • Livestream the reception to allow remote guests to attend the event
  • Order your certificate

Couples must obtain a marriage license before the ceremony. In 2022, walk-in services will be available for couples who wish to get married in California. However, they should fill out the online form first. And the license stays valid for 90 days, within which the wedding must be conducted. You can find a lot of relevant information about your marriage documents online. Just do your research before you organize a wedding reception in Newport Beach to ensure your marriage takes place legally.


Let’s reiterate the suggestions we’ve mentioned above about your wedding reception. First, build a fair budget to keep the reception cost-effective. Choose your florist and caterer carefully to make the event successful. Select a date you’re comfy with and book the venue while considering the well-being of your guests. Know that you can order your marriage certificate online in Newport Beach. Ask your family and friends for suggestions; don’t plan the wedding alone. Keep your plans realistic and make a lot of use of tech tools to make the ceremony accessible to other guests. Newport Beach is an ideal place to get married, and you can find many helpful resources here to make your nuptials as comfy as possible.

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