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In the final episode of the Demon Slayer series, the characters skipped ahead three generations, which isn’t something you see very often in manga. Notably, this chapter took place in present-day Tokyo and showed readers a peek into the future for which Tanjiro and his allies fought. Talking of compelling protagonists, Tanjiro and his companions fought for Nezuko. Nezuko was human at birth, but the demon Muzan Kibutsuji transformed her. Tanjiro and his companions spent the entirety of the manga desperately searching for a means to restore Nezuko’s human form. We will try to find answers to how old is nezuko in season 2.

Story in Season 2

Tanjiro, as the story went, did his best to keep his sister safe. He shielded her from the elements by transporting her in a box. Nezuko spent most of the fight hiding within the box, emerging only when she felt her brother was in danger. Now that she was a demon, she could do fantastic things and fight other demons in a fair fight.

Tanjiro discovered that the other Hashira of the Demon Slayer corps wanted to eliminate Nezuko because of his demonic nature. Tanjiro and Giyu, however, stood in her defense, promising to kill her with their sword if she ever threatened a human being. The fact that she was a demon did not prevent her from having exceptional self-control. The question of how old is nezuko in season 2 may pop up in your mind.

For the most of the show, she never stopped being a demon. The series’ last episodes, however, mark the beginning of her transition to human form. Tamayo, another demon, is also a very talented doctor, and his medicine is responsible for this change. Urokodaki sensei gave Nezuko the medicine. In the Demon Slayer manga, he came back during the Infinity Castle arc to help out with Tanjiro’s sister.

Since Nezuko was resting after taking the medication, she was kept out of the discussion. At some point, though, in Chapter 185 of Demon Slayer, she sprinted outside to save her brother. The occurrence prompted many to conclude that the treatment hadn’t worked. Later on, though, one of Nezuko’s eyes was shown to be returning to normal, proving that the treatment was effective. As of Chapter 196 in the manga, she has completed her human change.

After being trapped as a demon for so long, Nezuko manages to escape and eventually revert to human form. It’s because of her that Tanjiro was able to beat Muzan after nearly succumbing to the demon transformation. After the confrontation with Muzan, the manga reaches its last chapter.

The good guys ultimately prevailed, and stability was restored. As was previously established, the story’s last chapter takes place in the future. The final chapter of the manga featured the rebirth of nearly all of the series’ characters. As a whole, the final chapter is a fitting ending to a fantastic book. Others may feel that the ending lacked closure, but most fans agree that this was the best possible conclusion to the series.

Despite being a demon, her unique and endearing personality has won her many fans. She needs to stay away from eating live creatures if she wants to keep living. She gets her energy back by resting. For a long time, fans of the show have speculated about her actual age.

Age of nezuko in season 2

The Age of Nezuko Season 2 begins when Nezuko and Tanjiro are only 12 and 13 years old. As soon as he learned that she was a demon, Tanjiro did everything in his power to find a cure for her, even though he knew that doing so would require him to join the Demon Slayers.

Nezuko rested for two years away from training to getting her strength back. Since demons don’t age, we may assume that she will still be a child of 12 when the show begins.

After her transformation into a demon, Nezuko’s life was irrevocably altered. There is a growing subculture of fashionistas who are obsessed with stiletto nails. Before, her hair was black, but now it was a fiery orange below her waist.

It was a special event, but Nezuko stuck with her go-to style of wearing a pink kimono and leaving her hair a natural dark brown. When it changes, it emerges from her forehead like a network of veins on her skin. Nezuko has undergone many transformations, but she is still the same sweet girl she was before. To the extent that she had lost touch with her human nature, she remained compassionate. After meeting Sakonji Urokodaki, she was inspired to keep helping others even as she cared for her own family.

Also, she can experience the spectrum of human emotions, including joy and sorrow. While she is more level-headed than her fellow demons, her demonic nature may make her seem emotionally aloof from humans. The above can be the best answer to how old is nezuko in season 2.

The connection between Zenitsu and Nezuko

In the final episodes, Zenitsu’s hard work paid off. It turns out that both Nezuko and Zenitsu came from marriageable families. The couple has twins, and they look identical to each other. Regrettably, we were not present to see this, but for those who have been hoping for a romantic union between Nezuko and Zenitsu, this should serve as ample confirmation.

It’s worth noting that Nezuko didn’t always like Zenitsu. She still refers to him as a “strange dandelion,” despite her detest of him. Zenitsu, though, was unfazed and maintained her usual level of warmth and generosity despite the setbacks. During Zenitsu’s tales, she would scratch or shift her container, indicating that she was completely engrossed in them. Some say that this might be the start of a prosperous and long-lasting partnership. After Nezuko transformed back into a human, their friendship turned out to be more.

Recalling the time when Zenitsu presented her with flowers when she was a monster was a painful experience. Despite the conclusion of the series, Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke kept on sharing a home. During this time together, they may have started to feel something romantic.

We have seen above the possible answers to how old is nezuko in season 2.

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