6 Outfits Ideas for the Coming Weekend

Once again, the air is cold, and the days are crisper. Winter is here! Banishing the warmth with its icy cold winds blowing in our faces and through our hair, the weather is like the cold night dew.

Along with cosy blankets and a heavenly cup of hot chocolate, winter adds a new aesthetic to our wardrobes!

If you’re looking for ways to stay warm and vogue all at once, you’re in luck. Here are some outfits that, along with keeping you warm and snug, make you rock the winter weather like a queen model walking on a ramp!

The Trench Coat with Knee High Boots

Ever heard of someone wearing a classy trench coat and not looking good? It’s impossible.

It fits the winter vibe like a glove. You could pull it on a turtle neck, a warm sweater, or a collared shirt. The style keeps getting better! Add chunky knee-high leather boots, and you’re set, of course, with style.

If you’re residing in England, cities like Manchester, Brighton, etc., tend to get extremely cold, allowing for better, comfier winter outfits. You could further enhance your look by adding fancy cute accessories and jewellery. If you’re in Manchester bee earrings are something you should invest in alongside popular designer bracelets and necklaces.

Belted Wool Coat + Turtle Neck + Paper Bag Waist Pants

The combination of a belted coat with paper bag waist pants will give you a chic, exclusive look making you look like the classiest woman in the room! Some of the accessories you can pull off with this outfit could include a cute hat and the red knitted scarf from Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well”! And sleek gold or silver hoop earrings. You could put on a pair of beige slouch boots for footwear, and boom, you’re looking like an Instagram model.

A thick, shearling jacket with a plush hat

We all know that no winter outfit is complete without a hat. They are the cherry on top. Let’s talk about the plush shearling hat that makes almost every woman shiver with excitement. A shearling jacket would be a great investment. Staying warm and stylish isn’t easy, and this jacket is the ticket. Pair this with wool wide-leg trousers and wear those cool heavy-duty combat boots. Carry a matching bag to look more fashionable and watch your confidence reach the skies.

Camel wool-blend turtleneck sweater

What’s the fun of winter if you don’t wear a cable-knit sweater? The best part is they could go with anything and everything though white pants stand out the most. The colour contrast is what makes you look amazing. Pair this sweater with white pants or jeans; ankle boots are the best option for footwear.

This outfit can make people leave their warm blankets and rooms, step out in the cold and look stunning! Wear some cute delicate jewellery of your choice and add the colours of fun into this winter season yourself.

Fur coats

While picking your outfit, substitute the jackets and coats for a fur coat and watch your look elevate within the blink of an eye. Its quality is soft and lightweight, providing incredible warmth without being bulky. Fur coats and accessories have been a symbol of high fashion and luxury since the 11th century. Yes! You read that right; as early as the 11th century, fur was worn as a symbol of social status and wealth.

For formal occasions, you can always pair it with a fancy dress and immediately become the talk of the town, embracing the season. There’s nothing more beautiful and aesthetically pleasing than a fur coat. 

Oh, and here’s some extra information you could use; the best colours to wear in winter include:

  • Red: Red is a great choice to wear in winter because of its warm and comfortable nature. It looks stunning with almost any outfit and is an eye-catching colour.
  • Pink: Pink would be an excellent choice for women as it’s a flattering, pleasing feminine colour and easy to work with. 
  • Black: Black, this sleek colour, goes with any outfit. It can be worn as a coat, under the coat, or as pants. The beauty of it is its versatility.
  • White: White is a great choice as it’s versatile and can be worn up and down. 
  • Beige: It’s almost impossible to wear a beige outfit and not look remarkably fashionable. It can be paired with different colours and items and give different looks. 
  • Grey: Grey is a classy colour that you can wear at formal and casual occasions as it is one of the most neutral colours.

These colours are worth trying in winter and enhance your fashion style effortlessly.

Ponchos or Capes

Whether you’re wearing jeans, leggings, a dress, or a T-shirt, just throw a shawl or a cape on, and that’s it. With minimal effort, you have a graceful, sophisticated, and modish look. These are the perfect choices for winter as they pull a striking look while still keeping you warm. There are a variety of styles and colours with eye-catching patterns you could pick for yourself any day.


By now, you must know how anyone could look cute without letting themselves turn into an icicle when the temperature drops. While picking an outfit in winter is challenging for most, with simple planning and pairing, you can keep yourself warm and look like a fashion queen.

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