benefits of ice bath
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Benefits Of Ice Bath: Why Should You Try Out This Therapy

Have you ever tried Ice Bath? I know it’s quite uncommon for someone who’s not from athletic background or a fitness enthusiast. Generally, after a hectic training schedule, they jump off for an ice bath which is sometimes also known as Ice Immersion or even known as Cryotherapy sometimes. As it has a lot of benefits, and it helps get rid of blocked muscles and sore muscles in just a span of 10-15 minutes. So, let us now look into the different benefits of ice bath and all the information that you need to know regarding ice baths. So without blabbering further, let’s get started with the article about the benefits of ice bath.

benefits of ice bath

Benefits of Ice Bath

This practice has been going on for quite a while, and there are certain benefits to this process. Though researchers threw light on this and a lot of myths were busted. We even got new information about this. In this article, I’m going to discuss everything you need to know about this. As I mentioned, research was held back in 2017 when 9 young men were incorporated into the experiment. They experimented of a resistance test which was held for 2-3 days a week.

Though according to me, more research and more information are needed to support both sides of the coin. As a debate was held where Ice Bath was termed as both beneficial and also harmful. Let’s now take a look at the benefits first, which is specifically great for fitness enthusiasts and athletes.

1. The first and foremost benefit is it eases muscle pain and muscle soreness. As athletes and any kind of sportsman is associated with harsh training and harsh activities, sometimes they do get muscle cramps and muscle pain, or even their muscle gets sore.
2. Ice baths can reduce inflammation or irritation. Some inflammatory conditions like rheumatoid arthritis will find ice baths calming and relaxing as it will calm down your reflexes and almost works like a medicine, honestly.
3. It helps in bringing down your body temperature. Earlier, in cases like heat strokes, this method was used as first aid, and it saved a lot of lives as well. Generally, nowadays, this method is relevant and used by marathon runners or some athletes. I take them and check their temperature; you’ll be shocked to see that the temperature is 102 or 103 sometimes. To calm them down, a bathtub with ice cubes is prepared. As they run long meters and might get a heat stroke. Though you should not use this method to treat feverish conditions or fever patients.
4. It is evident that ice baths help in sleeping better after a long and tiring day. If you feel sweaty, hot, and irritated, you can try an ice bath as it is evident to relax your muscles and your body, and that works like magic, almost like a therapy.
5. Another great way to use an ice bath is to reduce fat or burn fat. If you merge your healthy Lifestyle with a cold bath, you can lose the utmost fat like this. As it might help you to activate Brown Fat Tissue, and that helps in upregulating metabolism and to clear blood glucose.
6. It is also evident that it helps strengthen your immune system. As you may already know to live a healthy and disease-free life, the immune system acts a very crucial role. If you get sick often or if you get diseases often, then you need to try this hack. Scientifically, expressing your body with the contact of cold water increases the level of glutathione. As glutathione is responsible for activating Natural Killer cells.
7. It helps your resistance power and also helps to boost your concentration level. Often when you touch an ice cube, your brain sends a signal to your nervous system, which reacts to it. Then imagine submerging yourself in an ice bath for like 10 minutes. Your brain will send signal where you’ll realize you can’t do it, but eventually, you’ll learn how to resist and force yourself into it. It also increases your concentration level.
8. This benefit is not proven, but it is also said that it helps in fighting depression as well. As it has the capability to jolt the nervous system. In the experiment, some people stated this benefit, and it worked for them.
9. Helps in increasing recovery rate. If you ever switch on your TV and snoop into a sports channel, you’ll notice that the players take a cold plunge after grinding hard. In that case, a cold plunge or even an ice bath helps in speedy recovery. As scientifically, it makes the blood vessels constrict. It also connects with the specific heat formula, where your blood flow stops to an extent while you stay inside the water. But as soon as you get out of the water, your blood starts flowing vigorously and starts to heat up your body.
10. Brightens up your mood and makes your mood refreshed and calm.

benefits of ice bath

Ice Baths Are Dangerous – Myth or True

Well, a lot of people consider Ice baths dangerous and it isn’t good for anyone. But it’s completely a myth, but there are certain reasons and conditions that your body has to meet. If you are someone with cardiovascular issues and stuff like that, or any other complications then you need to consult a proper white coat, or stethoscope doctor ( the reason I mentioned this is don’t consult a friend or rely on the internet blindly!). Go through a normal body checkup. Even if you are certain that you don’t need anything like that, you should still go for a checkup.

If you are okay with no heart or vascular complications, then dive into that chilly tub!

Benefits of Ice Bath For Skin

If you follow up on social media, then you might have noticed a makeup trend that went viral. In the trend, you need to submerge your face in ice cold water before makeup, and that makes your makeup build in a better way and ensures that the makeup lasts longer. Another trend included where you have to submerge your face in an ice bath bowl for 5-6 seconds after you are done with your base makeup. That makes your face swear proof.

The motive of these stories was that ice water is exceptionally beneficial for your face and it tightens your face which is the foremost benefit. It does not remove the natural oil layer from your skin and also reduces skin inflammation. Koreans who are known for gifted beautiful glass skin, massage their face with ice cubes and uses ice bath to make their skin toned and tight.

benefits of ice bath

Tips That You Need To Remember Before Your First Cold Bath

Before your first cold bath, you need to make up your mind and focus that you want to go for this. If it’s your first time you need to read this portion or re-read this portion properly and take notes, so you don’t get suspended in the water with a numb body. Though it may happen but still just be calm and everything will be fine. So, before you avail yourself of the benefits of ice bath, let’s check out some pro tips!

  1. Don’t start with chilled ice water. If you are experiencing this for the first time, don’t make your experience dreadful or really sad. Start with 50 to 60 cold water and then gradually decrease the rate. This ensures that your body gets accustomed to chilly water and you won’t get utterly numb in the water.
  2. Keep a helping hand by your side. Whether it’s your friend, husband, wife, instructor, or anyone. Dive only when you have someone to help you. If your body gets suspended you need a person to pull you back from the tub. You might feel sick or dizzy as well so keep this in mind.
  3. Be consistent. If you are trying to acquire this habit in your lifestyle, then try immersion at least once a day. That way you can get a hang of it easily.
  4. Stay for 5 minutes utmost and not more than that. If you stay even longer, then the situation might get worse resulting in hypothermia or your temperature may drop a lot. How to spot the time when you need to get out? Whenever you’ll start shivering, that is the time when you need to get out of the tub.

Conclusive Insights

It’s time to wrap up this article. I have tried to keep this composition short and lucid for you all to remember the tips and everything. I hope this article was informative and relevant. Don’t forget to pen down your thoughts down below. Till the next time, take care.

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