Teens Having Less Sex

Are Teens Having Less Sex Than Ever Before?

Being a teenager means experiencing raging hormones and changes to the body that happen at incredible speed. One day, you’re a kid, and the next, you have pubic hair, engorged genitals, and a sudden desire to jump the bones of someone you’re attracted to. Are Teens Having Less Sex ?


Because sex is a biological need, one might think teenagers would always be very interested in having as much sex as possible. If Hollywood and pop culture are to be believed, horny teens make the world go round. 


However, is that really the case? Or are porn categories like teen VR sex promoting an inauthentic image of modern-day teens? The answer may surprise you, so let’s put on our acne cream and dive in!


Some Stats on Teenagers and Sex in 2022


The Center for Disease Control monitors “risky” behaviors to devise solutions to prevent and address these risks. While the CDC pays attention to many different activities, teen sex is one of them. 


As of 2019, a report showed that only about 40 percent of high schoolers had ever had sex. That figure represents a steep drop from the 80s when 51 percent of girls and 60 percent of boys had had sex already. 


Teen pregnancy is also on the decline, with an average of 15 births per 1,000 females aged 15 to 19. This drop is even more significant, as in 1991 the rate was 65 per 1,000. 


But what’s driving these trends? As with anything else, there is no single factor. Instead, it’s a combination of elements like: 


Contraception Access


Teens in previous decades weren’t necessarily able to buy condoms or birth control pills over the counter. These days, condoms are readily available to anyone who asks. So, with more people wearing a glove, there are fewer chances of pregnancy and other undesirable side effects (i.e., STDs). 


However, while contraception may explain lower teen birth rates, one would imagine it would help increase sexual activity. But, there are larger factors at play that influence whether a person decides to have sex or not. 


Access to Adult Content


Regardless of anyone’s stance on it, porn is here to stay. With so much smut online, it’s impossible to put this genie back in the bottle. Teens have much easier access to adult content than any previous generation, so they can get their rocks off without needing a partner. (Valium)  


Porn makes sex accessible but without the risks. Also, teens can explore their sexuality and kinks in a safe and controlled environment. So, it’s likely that many individuals are waiting until they feel comfortable with themselves first before engaging in intercourse with someone else. 


Generic Malaise and Angst


Sex is one of those activities that is both psychological and physiological. Basically, you have to be in the mood to engage in physical activity. Unfortunately, teens are constantly worried about the future and what may transpire. The current state of the world, with wars, climate change, and the rise of fascism, seems too overwhelming to focus on something as trite as sex. 


Teens are already more sensitive to world issues, so many may not want to rush into anything until they can handle their stress better. 


Unrealistic Expectations


Although porn does offer some tangible benefits, it does have one glaring downside. Because scenes are designed to show people knocking boots, they make sex seem much easier to obtain than is possible. Also, pornstars are always clean and DTF, while real life is much messier, dirtier, and stinkier. 


So, teens that may partake in pornographic material might not want to put in the work to have sex in real life. When it’s so easy to get off by watching porn, why put extra effort into getting the real deal? Plus, with VR porn from sites like SexLikeReal, the experience is even more lifelike and attainable. 


Overall, does this trend mean we could see a day where teens are barely having sex at all? That doesn’t seem likely, but it will likely see another dip before plateauing. 

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