Pregnancy dos and donts by cradle

Pregnancy dos and don’ts for the expecting mothers

Your pregnancy is one of the most precious times of your life. Not only your body is going through a different phase, but your mind needs to catch up as well. You need to experience this phase of your life with full energy and happiness. For doing so, you need to maintain certain things so that no complications arises in your pregnancy. You need to follow certain rules and regulations for the sake of your baby and also for keeping your body healthy. Healthy mind and body will produce a healthy child and that should be your main priority. Make this your number one priority because motherhood is demanding and with our hectic careers and lifestyle we need to devote more time and care for our body. So, it is time that you start caring for your body more and more. Set some dos and don’ts for your body that will ultimately lead to the birth of a healthy child. Take a look at these dos and don’ts that you should follow during your pregnancy for getting the best results.

  • Yoga classes in thane ghodbunder road will help you in practicing prenatal yoga that is very much needed during this time. Practice it every day after you get pregnant. Ask your doctor before starting anything, but it is always advised that prenatal yoga helps in the proper birth of the baby and it also helps in decreasing labour pain. So, go for it and practice it all the time and don’t skip it.
  • Start reducing your caffeine intake from day one by reducing all kinds of caffeinated beverages from your diet. Stop drinking coffee and instead start drinking green tea. (Valium) It is good for your health and will make you feel good while it will boost your immunity. However, green tea also contains caffeine (in less amounts though) so you should not drink too much of it. Try drinking in moderation for getting the good benefits out of it.
  • It is advised that you sleep on your left side. It is supposed to be the best way for sleeping while you are pregnant.
  • Stop drinking alcohol and totally quit cigarette smoking if you really want your child to be healthy. These acts as poison for your baby so stop them immediately.
  • Don’t use a sauna for a long time as it is harmful for expecting mothers.
  • Make sure that you are getting your omega-3 fatty acids in your food.

Don’t take certain medications, because some medications can be harmful to the newly born baby and also for the mother. Consult with your doctor, before taking any medication or any supplement. The pregnancy period is crucial for both mother and baby health, thus, once you got conceived you should have to check pregnancy week by week. You can simply use this online pregnancy calculator which tells you the week by week highlights for your pregnancy, also provides you with the trimesters chart and the probability of birth date. For further convenience, you can try an online pregnancy due date calculator that tells you about the expected due date of your delivery and key-milestones of your pregnancy.

Congratulations on your new journey and now is the time to start following everything that you know have been told to do; everything that you know is actually good for your health. It is time that you start leading an active and a healthy lifestyle that will help you in giving birth to a healthy child. Although you will be gearing up for doing the best you can for your baby, but in this whole journey don’t forget to connect more with your own soul and mind. You will need to connect to yourself to understand and feel more for your baby. You will feel more and more confused about your diet and lifestyle after hearing certain different varieties of tips from various people in your life. However, it is better if you follow the above-mentioned tips as these are prepared by experts and also listen only to your doctor and also take tips from your yoga classes in thane.