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Some romantic ideas to make your first anniversary memorable

Your first anniversary isaround the corner and you might want to surprise your spouse. The traditional idea of buying a cake from the famous cake shops in Mumbai is there, but you can think of something creative to celebrate this special day. If the plans are not in place, then why not do something creative during the day. Here are some amazing ways to celebrate your 1st wedding anniversary and make it all the more special. Do get hold of the list of cake shops in Mumbai and order a cake at the same time. So, usher in the happiness of this special day

Planning a romantic gateway

If your anniversary falls during the weekend you can plan a romantic vacation to a beach or a nearby hill station. There is nothing better than finding a new place and exploring it together. Find a romantic place and do look forward to a candle light dinner, which will be indeed romantic.

You can also book a hotel room to stay away from everyone. Switch off your cell phones, stay away from all work and spend the entire day in the company of each other. You can even ask the manager to decorate the hotel room as your first night and engage in a passionate session of lovemaking. The whole idea is to make it romantic after all it is your first wedding anniversary.

Taking a trip down the memory lane

Before you got married there would have been places, where you used to visit frequently. This could be a coffee house or a chaiwala where you might have discovered each other’s interests. Just try to visit those places and rekindle the old memories once again. You will feel that you have gone back to the courtship days all over again.

Throw a surprise party

Just pretend that you are not aware of your wedding anniversary and throw a surprise party. If she tries to drop some hints to you then just try to act in a normal manner. On the other hand, get in touch with your friends and plan a bash. Just see the expression on your partner ‘s or their face when you have planned something. Birthday cakes Mumbai, take a cake to grace the occasion and that too which your partner loves. You are bound to feel on cloud nine once the party is over.

Renew the vows

Ever dreamt of running away from your house and getting married in a movie style. Adopt the same method this coming anniversary and rush to some nearby place without informing anyone. This is that time when you can renew the wedding vows. Getting married in this way is sure shot going to be a thrilling experience for you.

Plan some social work

Plan your second year of marriage on a noble cause. Do something which not only makes you happy, but also touches the heart of others. You could take some orphanage kids on a joy ride or take them to a water park and have some fun.  Do what they like to do and the happiness will be on your face. You will feel good after treating them.

These are some of the unique ways to plan the celebration of your 1st wedding anniversary.

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